A recipe must have: This soup is 100 times stronger than antibiotics

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This soup healing will relieve flu, colds, ear infections and many other health problems . Garlic, onion and thyme soup easily outperforms most viruses, flu, colds and other diseases caused by a weakened immune system. All who are turning to natural remedies readily recognize the power of this soup, and you should try it. In […more]

woman paralyzed enable to control the robotic arm with thoughts!

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Washington, December 17: Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have enabled a paralyzed woman control a robotic arm with just their thoughts, offering a glimmer of hope for the restoration of arm movements and natural hand in people who suffer from paralysis of the upper extremities. Pittsburgh-based Jan Scheuermann, 55, who is paralyzed from the […more]

People can inherit the bad intestinal bacteria ”: study reveals

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New York, December 17: a study has found that people can inherit some intestinal bacteria that cause Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, collectively known as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). He also confirmed that antibiotics could worsen the imbalance in intestinal bacteria. ‘People develop intestinal bacteria or’ gut microbiome ‘at a very young age and can […more]

Make an Indian vegetarian diet has side effects?

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According to recent reports, the trend of the vegetarian diet in India could be a concern for the population, particularly pregnant women. Since vegans abstain from eating meat and dairy products, a vegetarian diet eliminates natural food sources of vitamin B12. This deficiency could have side effects such as anemia, nerve damage, heart disease and […more]

The latest Ebola: Ebola survivors should use condoms for 3 months

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New York, Dec. 17: After an Indian returned from Liberia, one of the nations most affected Ebola in West Africa, it was found to have the Ebola virus in their semen samples. Despite wearing a certificate having cleaned the virus with treatment success, there was no chance of spreading the disease through sex. A study […more]

Linked to ADHD teen Snuff and Alcohol

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Linked to ADHD teen Snuff and Alcohol ; Teens diagnosed with ADHD and conduct disorders are more likely to use snuff and alcohol, according to a study at Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati . Which is: Adolescents with a diagnosis of ADHD and conduct disorder had a period of three to five times more […more]

Ancient Cough Home Remedy – Highly Effective

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coughing it can be very annoying and if it lasts a few days, do something better. Use the most effective natural treatment to stop coughing. All you need is some cabbage leaves and honey. Ingredients: 1-2 cabbage leaves honey Preparation: Take a cabbage leaf and soak in some hot water for a few minutes, or […more]

exercise program “can help treat MS ‘

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A team of researchers from Case Western University has designed an exercise program to help people with multiple Sclerosis (MS) become more physically active. the program of 24 weeks is based on a series of booklets with different levels of difficulty. it allows people to start lower and build up exercise regimes, more challenging longer […more]

Bipolar disorder

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Bipolar disorder ; Here are some snippets of what Bipolar disorder is: Sometimes called manic depression it affects more than 2% of Americans may experience intense periods of depression manic phases are characterized by euphoria and reckless behavior is possible experience depression and mania at the same time levels of chemicals in the brain can […more]