The smartphone that can be put at risk for depression

Jan 18, 2018 | | Say something

The more time you spend on your phone, it is more likely that suffer from depression , says a study. According to the researchers, depression can be detected from your smartphone sensor data by tracking the number of minutes you use your phone and your daily geographic locations. The team of Northwestern University found that […more]

Teenagers: Stand up for what you believe

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Teenagers: Stand up for what you believe ; As a teenager, who is still developing his unique sense of self. At the same time, you may see the world of unique and distinctive ways. You may have developed ideas, beliefs and thoughts about the world, or perhaps your community can be improved or done a […more]

Coloring your hair – 6 Tips you need to consider

Jan 17, 2018 | | Say something

Coloring your hair – 6 Tips you need to consider ; Thinking about coloring your hair to test a new look or to hide gray hair? If you are a first timer, you need to know some basics about hair coloring before going ahead with it. We answer all your common concerns in this guide […more]

Drinking water on empty stomach immediately after awakening!

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Did you know that the Japanese have a habit to drink water immediately after waking up. It is and ancient tradition to cure many diseases that became very popular around the World War 2, after publication in a Japanese newspaper. The benefits of drinking water have also been supported by numerous studies. It is a […more]

Ice Cream Milkshake Recipe

Jan 16, 2018 | | Say something

A smoothie is a very good breakfast, dinner, snack, refreshment on hot summer days, energy drink after a hard workout or a great dessert that will impress adults, and younger too. Mothers are left with a smug smile on his lips, because, let’s face it, today it is almost impossible to “push” unhealthy for children, […more]

After this article you stop cleaning the inside of the ears

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After this article you stop cleaning the inside of the ears ; The swab individuals often their ears after washing the dishes. In any case, to his dismay that human ears for cleaning are proposed. Our body has its own specific hygiene procedure ear and when a sample of ears with cotton, which are really […more]

Read the blog Our Chief Medical Officer

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On July 14, 2015, Westchester Medical Associates Health Director Dr. Nancy Beran wrote a blog that appeared on the site that we It thought you would find interesting. Panorama Health: We are putting people at the center of their attention I went to medicine for one reason: I wanted to help people. And five […more]

Naturally unclog arteries

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Naturally unclog arteries ; naturally unclog arteries Cardiovascular Diseases – is a plaque development and gradual clogging, is measurable the most obvious murderer world wide, with an average of 2,200 Americans transmission of cardiovascular disease every day ! with mortality rates like that, welfare it is a prominent cardiovascular system among the more imperative to […more]

Remove stretch marks naturally

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Remove stretch marks naturally ; naturally remove stretch marks Increase fat or lose weight on all amid pregnancy or hormonal changes, often indications pale scars on the surface of the skin known as striae. As these are somewhat ugly, sensibly, each woman would have to get rid of them. Thus, we offer normal, perfect to […more]