7 Foods That Will relax the stomach

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7 Foods That Will Sooth Your Stomach Very often, because of our own mistakes, the food can become the enemy of our body, but if you know what and when to eat, becomes a remedy for various health problems. Therefore, problems with the stomach caused by viruses, unhealthy diet habits or anxiety can be alleviated by appropriate choice of food.

1. Bananas

This, for many people favorite fruit is the healthiest food option after exercise. In addition to being a valuable source of energy, bananas are also easy to digest. Because pectin containing, assist the work of the intestine.

2. Papaya

Because of the papain enzymes and chymopapain that proteins are dissolved and regulate the acidity of the stomach, papaya has earned one of the top positions in the list of beneficial foods stomach. the stomach and cure constipation calm, not only fresh papaya fruit, but also natural supplements available in pharmacies.

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3. White rice

When the activity of the stomach begins to spiral out of control, it is recommended to consume food in white like white rice, boiled potatoes, and already the most popular ally “alter” -toast digestion. Besides the fact that not irritate digestion and disturbed, this food diarrhea stops by absorption of the fluid and therefore the regulation of digestion.

4. Ginger

Ginger or “Chinese garlic” relieves nausea and vomiting, and because of their chemical compounds of spiciness, which reduces stomach cramps. You can eat fresh or powdered form, but no more than 4 grams per day.

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5. Herbal tea

A cup of hot tea is associated with tranquility and more than any other image of the kitchen healing, and chamomile and mint justifies very well. The oils contained in mint , in particular menthol and menthone, relax smooth muscles of the digestive tract that helps reduce cramps. And the soothing properties of manzanilla are probably one of the first things that are written in the popular folk medicine.

6. applesauce

Like bananas, apples also contain pectin soothing, but the applesauce are most effective remedy for digestive upset, diarrhea.

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7. Yogurt

Most dairy products are not recommended for problems with digestion, but yogurt is an exception that can be used without any fear. If it contains active cultures, which increases the amount of “good” bacteria in the stomach, the healing process will be even faster and more efficient.

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