Here is the amount of sleep you need according to their age

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Here is the amount of sleep you need according to their age ;

Every human being should sleep enough to allow your brain to eliminate toxins.Contrary to this is the lack of sleep can sometimes be very harmful because it can adversely affect our health.

How long you should sleep?

is recommended to have about 8 hours of sleep at night, but this is not suitable for all ages.This means that children who are younger 18 need more sleep.

National Sleep Foundation have sought and have based their studies by other experts in sleep physiology and anatomy that can demonstrate that have an hour less sleep occasionally is not serious but if that is constantly repeated, then it can lead to serious health problems.

Here you can read 5 reasons why you should pay attention to your sleep habits.

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Most often people complain that most of the time when they wake up they feel back pain, so they are unable to move or standing for a long period.If to sleep many hours then your back muscles will be more weak.So instead of laying you can do some exercises to strengthen back muscles.


If you are used to say too much time in bed then you should know that you are storing energy use more than it.Latest research has It is shown that people who slept for ten hours a night are more likely to become obese 6 years later than those who slept eight hours.

3. Depression

impacts depression sleep in two forms, manifested by oversleeping or insomnia. About 15% of people suffering from depression are sleeping excessively. In addition, oversleeping can have a negative impact on mental health and hinder recovery.

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excess chronic sleep often causes headaches. This also harms certain neurotransmitters, such as serotonin. As a result, the person may suffer from poor quality sleep at night, and headaches during the day.


Having too much or too little sleep can reduce the body’s ability to process glucose, and this can lead to type 2 diabetes or resistance insulin over time. A study analyzing the daily habits of 276 people for six years found that those who slept less or more than the recommended were more likely to develop impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes compared with those who had normal sleep habits.

How to overcome oversleeping

1. Make a sleep schedule: make a strict schedule that is compatible with your lifestyle. Disconnect all devices from one hour before going to sleep, meditate or practice yoga, and plan time-sensitive activities, so you could easily get out of bed in the morning.

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2. Shower. Whenever you feel sleepy take a cold shower and thus the heat will also increase

3. Exercise :. You can increase energy levels and clear your mind after exercise after his call

4. Drink water: Drink a glass of warm water after waking to stay hydrated during the day. Increasingly you feel sleepy drink up to increase your energy levels!

5. Maintain your motivation: Find an interesting activity and stick to it. This way you stay motivated and avoid sleep as an escape from your life.


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