I was told that turmeric was great for pain, however, do not tell me This

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I was told that turmeric was great for pain, however, do not tell me This ;

Report of a boy of 26 years. “I used to take all the time I had ibuprofen pain chronic headaches and when he was 26, the headaches became so severe that he had a headache all the time. there was a constant sore for 4½ years head.
he said he had been using ibuprofen a few times a day more than the recommended dose, but have not ease his pain at all.

He did not know that painkillers like ibuprofen can damage your health.He was convinced that are very effective to kill the pain, and that most doctors were recommending them.Many people have used them, but actually were damaging their health

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Patrick Miller. “I am a runner college and uses the ibuprofen every time I felt pain and minor wounds “

Anne Raymund:”.. My boyfriend was taking ibuprofen for back pain “

However, it turned out that ibuprofen is actually harmful to health and there are several natural alternatives for inflammation and pain.

according to the opinion of the Lancet, ibuprofen is as harmful to the heart as Vioxx, which is an anti-inflammatory drug that is prohibited. This advantage drugs to thousands of deaths from heart disease.

been three years since I last took ibuprofen, or other nonprescription medicine. I’ve been living a life free of pain and I need it too.

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turmeric is a secret weapon for inflammations.It silence or visible is a perfect natural pain reliever that has been used for years.This spice contains polyphenols which means it has more than 500 health benefits.

according to a clinical study, was published in the journal alternative and Complementary Medicine, turmeric is a natural alternative to forosteoarthritis ibuprofen. This study was conducted in 109 candidates, all suffering from knee osteoarthritis. Some received 800 mg of ibuprofen and other, 2000mg of curcumin on a daily basis for a period of six weeks. The groups were chosen randomly. The candidates had their pain level measured before they are carried out basic functions such as climbing stairs and walking.

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Six weeks later, there were improvements in both groups, but the group receiving turmeric had slightly better results. Moreover, those who were given turmeric said they had a higher level of satisfaction.

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