Must read! 5 worrying signs of kidney stones You should be aware of!

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Must read! 5 worrying signs of kidney stones You should be aware of! ;

Must Read! 5 Worrisome Signs Of Kidney Stones You Should Be Aware Of!

The kidneys help remove toxins, waste and excess water from the blood . Toxic substances will be expelled through the urine. Urine passes from the kidneys to the bladder and leaves the body through the urethra.

But without dissolving the toxins that were in the shape of the body as tiny crystals and stones. Body will remove small stones, but it is difficult to remove larger stones.

will stay inside the body and cause various diseases such as the urethra can not fulfill its function and remains locked. His body is witnessing severe pain when a kidney stone blocking the ureter. Ureter is a tube that connects the bladder and kidneys.

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Blood in the urine:

The bloody urine is a common symptom and cause abdominal pain. red or pink color is the result of the friction that occurs between the stone and the ureter.


Urinary tract infections, painful urination and fever are common infections in people with kidney stones.

kidney pain:

will suffer from abdominal pain when kidney stones are stuck in the kidneys. Usually it is a severe, sudden and in most cases gets worse pain. Some people may experience back pain or pain in the genitals or groin.

pain log:

If you doubt that you are infected with pain, analyze it. pain in the morning are more common, due to urination is more frequent during the day.

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renal colic:

The pain disappears and reappears. If you struggle with pain, you suffer from sweating, nausea. It is maintained regardless of the body posture.

Vomiting and nausea:

Vomiting occurs when the body is unable to eliminate waste. The kidneys can not function properly, so that vomiting is the only way to get rid of toxins.

frequent and painful urination:

You will experience frequent urination and inappropriate urination. It is one of the earliest and most common signs. It occurs when not drinking any liquid.

unpleasant odor and discolored or cloudy urine

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This is a common problem with the urinary tract and affects people aged between 20 and 40. The kidney stones also vary in shape and size. unpleasant odor and discolored or cloudy urine occur due to chemicals and toxins in the body.


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