Recipe useful with cayenne Inside, to help immediately if you have sore joints

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Recipe useful with cayenne Inside, to help immediately if you have sore joints ;

Useful Recipe with Cayenne Inside, To Help You Instantly If You Have Achy Joints

Cayenne is a little pepper so versatile that it has made its way to the end in both the world of food and medicine world.

Not only cayenne pepper your food, but also has a heating effect within your body as well as topically when used as a balm, making it the perfect ingredient for use in this muscle and joint aches homemade cream.

Some people love so much cayenne who refuse to go through the winter without its wonderful healing effects.

sore muscles and joints are some of the most widespread pain there. Chances are you or someone you know has experienced chronic arthritis or acute pain, exercise, migraines or backaches. Keep a balm for aching muscles and joints of the hand can be very useful in topical pain relief where it is most needed.

The main ingredient in our ointment is the powerful cayenne pepper! Cayenne is a very hot and spicy herb; that heat comes from the constituent capsaicin. According to University of Maryland Medical Center ,

Capsaicin has powerful analgesic properties when applied to the skin. Reduces the amount of substance P, a chemical that carries messages of pain to the brain, in your body. When there is less substance P, pain messages no longer reach the brain, and feels relief.

When used topically, cayenne can help reduce the muscles, joints and pain even nerves of arthritis, herpes, back pain, post-surgical pain, and diseases such as fibromyalgia and diabetic nerve pain.

Cayenne as a drug

If you have had this wonderful pepper on your food, then you know it is a fact that is super HOT! In the kitchen, which is ideal to spice up your dish and adding a touch of flavor. Along with that, its stimulating powers works in your digestive system and circulatory system as well.

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cayenne helps stimulate salivation and digestive enzymes to aid in food processing. His natural impulse of vitamin C is compatible with the body, while its main ingredient, capsaicin , will travel in the blood to the bathroom, promote the development of release endorphins.

These hormones and internal effects can make magic when preparing your joint pain who are struggling with muscle pain, bursitis and arthritis a deserved, powerful healing ointment well.

This homemade cream natural healing, is full of vitamins C and A, which helps keep the immune system while relieving topical pain.

and warnings

Cayenne is very hot, so please make sure you handle it with extreme care . There are parts of this plant that can burn sensitive skin. By doing this ointment or cook with cayenne, use the correct dosage or amount, which usually is not much at all. Please refrain from touching your eyes or mouth; if necessary, use gloves.

Preparation of Oil Medicinal

Step 1: First, you need to prepare a medicinal oil, which is done by placing their herbs in a double boiler. Otherwise the oil overheating and end up destroying both their herbs and oil.

. Step 2: Cover the herbs with about an inch or two of cooking oil high quality (preferably olive oil)

Step 3: Bring oil to fire very low, with only a few bubbles rising upwards, making sure that it obtains no rapid boiling point. Simmer for about 30 minutes to an hour, always checking to make sure the oil is not overheating and fry your herbs.

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Step 4: When the oil starts to smell a little “Herby,” which then become green or gold uniform and very strong herbal smell. That will be the sign to know that the oil has acquired the properties of herbal ingredients. One last thing about oil: the lower the heat and time is allowed for infusion is better there will be oil

. Step 5: Finally have to strain the herbs from her oil, using a large stainless steel strainer and, if needed, cheesecloth to line your colander. Discard herbs now spent. Allow the oil a little time to cool, then you are ready to bottle and label for later use.

Now is the time to make your balm cayenne!

This ointment is excellent for soothing those aching joints and bones creak. Again, you must make sure that while preparing this ointment not touch your eyes or other sensitive parts. “” I highly recommend gloves and wash hands thoroughly after touching pepper.

Just to let you know how bad this material may be, during my military service, he hit me with pepper spray for training and was not comfortable at all. Later, when cooking with these things, I found that I would rather have the pepper spray cayenne pepper straight.

Ingredients for seasoning cayenne

  • ½ cup olive oil or peanut
  • 1 tablespoon cayenne powder or flakes
  • ⅛ cup of beeswax
  • Only a few drops of essential oil of wintergreen
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Just so you know, there are some different tricks that will make a ointment high quality, but the first batch beams may be exactly right if you follow these simple steps:

  • Make use of your medicated oil or herbal oil and add ¼ cup of beeswax. Heat the two together on very low heat, stirring occasionally, until the wax melts.
  • make a quick test consistency. Be sure not to skip this step; it is simple and only takes a few minutes. This will help ensure that your ointment is exactly the right thickness you want.

Take 1 tablespoon of the mixture and put in a plant and place in the freezer for a minute or two. Check the firmness of the ointment. For a harder balm, add more beeswax for mixing and for the softer version, simply add more oil.

  • Once the mixture is the consistency you want, remove the mixture from the heat and pour immediately into their containers. Remember that you are working with very hot oil, so this part of the work is not suitable for children.

To use :. When you are ready to apply the balm for her sick body, just take a fingerful or so and rub on painful joints for best results

Storage to store your slave, be sure to place it in a cool, dark place. If you do this, you will be able to keep for several months if potentially even years. Just do not keep it in your car as quickly spoil and will not be pleasant to be around for anyone.


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