Your look at the baby monitor, go with bright eyes. What you see when you are in your room? OMG

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Your look at the baby monitor, go with bright eyes. What you see when you are in your room? OMG ;

Check your young child and make sure they are safe and healthy is very important for parents, and why there are so many baby products in the world!

There are baby monitors that allow one to visually see and hear what your baby is doing, and Imgur user MaxGeorge a single series in the room of his daughter.

One night, when I was keeping an eye on her, noticed something out of the dark, and vision can scare.

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MaxGeorge has had many different places in the room where he was to set the baby monitor. In most places that originally put the monitor could disturb his daughter so he went in search of new locations for him, until one night when he finally stopped playing with him.

His daughter would always chat to herself at night, and they thought the monitor was the only cause, but it could have been a mistake.

MaxGeorge the monitor is in its new location, and realized this pair of eyes on the screen at night

“we turned our daughters monitor last night and found this looking back at us. we usually have the monitor pointed at her. But she likes to play with the camera so we changed his changing table and did not know he was pointing to the door. she always falls asleep her own voice as she is quite the chat box. Well, now we know what he’s talking about, “MaxGeroge said.

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“All my daughters are clothes in the closet, we are not pet owners, and the door is made of wood so you do not have reflective properties,”

“We believe in God, and try to see the value of everyone’s beliefs. we accept that there are “things” in this world we can not explain and comfortable living by faith in these matters. “

the frightened figure MaxGeorge and his wife to first, but now they believe it is an angel to talk to his daughter, to feel comfortable leaving things as they are.
What about the pair of bright eyes? Would you do anything about it, or call an expert? Let us know in the comments!

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