Avocados are eaten regularly hold off leukemia?

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The addition to the benefits of avocados, scientists have found that the nutritious fruit can be the key to beat deadly leukemia . Read: Top 7 reasons why avocados are good for health

University of Waterloo professor Paul Spagnuolo has discovered a lipid in avocados fighting acute myeloid leukemia (AML ) pointing to the root of the disease – leukemia stem cells. Worldwide, there are few pharmacological treatments available for patients that target stem cells of leukemia. AML is a devastating disease and is fatal within five years of 90 percent of the elderly over 65 years

Spagnuolo said the stem cell is largely responsible for developing the disease and is the reason why many patients with relapse of leukemia. many rounds of tests were performed to determine how the new drug worked at the molecular level and confirmed that stem cells, leaving healthy cells unharmed selectively targets.

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was added that not only eliminates the source avocatin B AML, but their manager, selective effects makes it less toxic to the body, too. The drug is still years away from becoming approved for use in oncology clinics, but Spagnuolo is already conducting experiments to prepare the drug for Phase I clinical trial.

Spagnuolo is one of only a handful of researchers around the world, the implementation of the research process discovery rigorous drug from the pharmaceutical industry to food-derived compounds called nutraceuticals.

The research is published in the journal Cancer Research .

Source: ANI

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