8 Ways to men are taller and thinner

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8 Ways to men are taller and thinner ; short men style tips

If the height is a problem for you and are always trying to find ways to look taller, and then look in your closet and choose clothes that give an illusion elongated with the help of the provided linen. The right look can have lasting effects on your personality. Learn how to dress to look taller and thinner reports huffingtonpost.com .

length trousers law

When you have excess material around the ankles, the eye is drawn down therefore making it look shorter. But, having a hem pants minimum pause, all that will reduce unnecessary material thus allowing the eye to rise up the other details on your computer and look taller.

create illusions vertically and diagonally into his eyes

The eye follows whatever direction the lines go. If you have vertical or diagonal lines as a whole, this is how the eye moves, so it seems longer and thinner. These lines can be within patterns or as part of the lines in your clothes. This includes vertical and diagonal in his suit jacket and the vertical line created by a scarf. And do not forget a hooded vest combo and blower. The vertical lines created by the zipper sweatshirt and work vest lengthen his gaze.

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Use dark colors along her outfit

Light colors expand their figure, while darker colors conveniently help you look thinner. The best way to do the work rule dark color is by sticking to a similar or dark tone through your outfit. For options dark colors, gray is an elegant color and can instantly transform your look. You could also choose teal, dark brown or navy. Jump wore a belt that contrasts sharply with the rest of his team, as it draws attention to your waist and make you look shorter.

attention in the upper half with the details of the fine clothing

When his gaze attracts people’s eyes up, there is an automatic association with height, and as a result the visual length is created. One way to do this is to use peak lapels on their jackets and sport coats. Another way is through threaded colors button on their lapels, pocket handkerchiefs and scarves. When these details are added to get the focus upward to the chest, shoulders and face. If belly fat is a concern in appearance, know how hide belly fat with smart dressing sense here.

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Improve torso

Much emphasis should be given on how to style your upper body. The trick is to make sure your neck can show and hide that can make you are looking robust. To do this, pick up V-neck shirts and sweaters. turtlenecks and turtlenecks other styles will make your torso look bigger and unstretched. In addition, cosmetic surgery on her shirt, this gives a vertical proportion, good to your body and trims the excess tissue that can make you look unnecessarily large.

avoid loose clothing

should get rid of the misconception that loose clothes make you look thinner. In fact, they look strange and quite disproportionate to her figure. Adhere to good adjustments, either to their shirts or pants and get away from everything uncomfortably tight. When his shirt stretched near the chest area, it just means that the buttons are going to leave at any time.


particularities of footwear

You do not have to be stomped in high heels, but formal shoes could certainly do with 1 1/2 inch heels. Also, when a pair of shorts is used, avoid using extremely flat slippers. Stick to wear sandals to his ankles, or styles of bulky shoes so your feet do not look very small, especially in the pants. Look thicker insoles and elevator shoes next time you go shopping for shoes.


accessories could be used for their benefit. Using a felt hat for a night out looks cool and elegant, you can also use a cap for a day and sporty look. As for formal wear, collect ties are narrow or medium-sized, this detail remains intact and slimmer frame. When collecting jackets or shirts in mind that the buttons are not large enough to draw too much attention.

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