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Both men and women resort to various measures to ensure your hair and scalp health are not compromised. As a matter of fact, the hair is exposed to various elements of weather, sunlight, pollutants, salt water, etc., throughout the year. All these take a toll on the health and appearance of your hair, no matter how short or long, straightened or curled. Therefore, it is necessary to use the right products to restore hair health and minimize damage to the scalp and hair. The use of hair care products counter are not effective for all and chemicals used in these products can worsen hair problems sometimes. Using solutions based hair Ayurvedic herbs and is the viable alternative.

Making oil ayurvedic hair to hair growth and health:

While you can find quite a lot of brands that sell hair oils and serums with labels such as herbs, completely natural and ayurvedic, it is difficult to know the authenticity of the manufacturing process. Instead of blindly believing in marketing and sales pitches, you better make ayurvedic hair oil at home. You can use quality organic and natural extracts of herbs to make these oils at home. It is tedious if you use the right ingredients and learn the proper methods. The following are the methods to make 3 types of hair oils of Ayurveda.

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1. Amla Ayurvedic oil:

Amla or Indian gooseberry has been widely used in Ayurveda since ancient times. This fruit is rich in vitamin C, and its use can help combat hair loss, reduce hair shine and prevent premature aging. The use of coconut oil with amla helps moisturize the scalp and gives hair a shine from within. You will need to use ingredients like:

  • Amla powder – 100 grams
  • virgin coconut oil – 250 grams
  • – 4 liters water
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How to:

  1. first, you need to make a decoction. To do this, add a third of amla powder to water and then simmer. Take a large boil water amla powder container.
  2. The mixture is stirred constantly and wait until the amount of water is reduced to 1 liter.
  3. After that, you will have to strain the mixture with a fine cloth.
  4. Now take the remaining amla powder and make a paste with water.
  5. Take a large pot. Pour the concentrated decoction, pasta and coconut oil in it.
  6. Heat the pan and stir until the water evaporates. You can try to burn the mixture in an oven to see if the water has evaporated. If not, there will be a snap.
  7. Store the oil in a glass container and seal properly. Use twice a week or so for best results.

2. Tulsi Ayurvedic hair oil:

Tulsi is a herb used in Ayurveda in India for centuries. It is used for its decongestant properties to cough mostly. However, it is possible to use tulsi herbal hair oil that solves a number of problems of the scalp. You can help solve the bumps on the scalp and itching of the scalp, for example. When done with pure coconut oil, Tulsi Ayurvedic oil can make hair healthier, shinier, and you will have a healthy scalp. The following ingredients are required:

  • tulsi leaves fresh (or tulsi leaves powder)
  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Water
  • fenugreek seeds
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How to:

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  1. Take a bunch of leaves of tulsi or a few tablespoons of powder tulsi. Make a thick paste using water and mixer grinder / if you are using leaves.
  2. Now pour 100 ml coconut oil in a bowl and add the pasta to it.
  3. Put on low heat and stirring.
  4. can also add a handful of fenugreek seeds.
  5. Turn off the flame after some time and let the oil cool.
  6. Strain the oil prepared in a glass container.
  7. When you want to use oil, heat it slightly and massage the scalp with your fingers. Wait 20 minutes and then rinse with a mild shampoo and water. You may apply this oil twice a week.

3. Hibiscus Ayurvedic hair oil:

Hibiscus is a shrub with flowers in bright colors that grows in abundance in tropical countries. Its leaves and flowers have been used for a long time so that solutions hair. The use of oil in ayurvedic hair hibiscus can be beneficial in the fight against hair loss and thinning hair. You can use almost any type of hibiscus, but using variants with bright red flowers and thicker blades brings the best results. You need ingredients like:

  • 05.06 fresh hibiscus flowers
  • A few leaves of hibiscus
  • Virgin coconut oil
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How to:

  1. you will have to wash the leaves and hibiscus flowers too.
  2. Then cut using a mixer / mill and make a fine paste.
  3. Now you have to take a medium-sized bowl and pour the coconut oil in it. About 200 ml of oil should be good enough.
  4. Heat the oil and then the paste is poured into it. Mix with a spoon and stir while keeping the flame low.
  5. drop some fenugreek seeds on it to see if they appear.
  6. When this happens, you may turn off the stove.
  7. When the oil cools, strain with a cloth and pour into a glass bottle.
  8. Before each application, heat up this oil slightly and massage the scalp and hair. The use of this oil once or twice a week should be useful.

Tips for best results:

It is advisable to store these hair oils of Ayurveda in a cool place away from sunlight. Since they contain no artificial preservatives, heat and exposure to the weather may affect its composition. Also, be sure to close the lids tightly after each use so that nothing can get into them. When stored in the correct manner, these oils can last a year or so.

Try these simple recipes for making ayurvedic oils at home, and never resort to buying another oil market!


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