Getting rid of ingrown toenails with salt and water

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Getting rid of ingrown toenails with salt and water ; salt and water for ingrown nails nails

have grown nails into his skin? It is getting her uncomfortable shoes? There are many reasons responsible for this evil peeled – toenails, wearing shoes that crowd the toes, emphasizing their toes when walking or unnecessarily other conditions like diabetes , vascular diseases


However, to get rid of this problem polish, foot soak in water and salt can provide relief. This home remedy could help heal inflammation and soften the nails, so you can easily cut the ingrown nail. Here are some more tips to better manage ingrown toenails.


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• Take a bucket with warm water and a little salt.

• Soak your feet in at least 10-15 minutes.

• After soaking feet, pat them dry.

• Use a nail clipper and gently cut the ingrown part of the nail that is intruding on your skin. Make sure the cutter is not too close to the skin.

To strengthen brittle nails, apply some almond oil regularly and see the difference.

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