It is the thinning of your hair? Here’s why the use of home remedies will not help!

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It is the thinning of your hair? Here’s why the use of home remedies will not help! ; shutterstock_162983405

Although a receding hair and thinning hair is one of the most common problems people begin to face from age 20 yes, men and women find themselves felt shame and embarrassment about their appearance because of it. Living with hair loss or alopecia may directly affect your self-confidence and many people are turning desperately to Google, expensive treatments and even home remedies with hopes that they regain their lost hair. These are the treatments for hair loss or alopecia that do not work .

While there different types of hair loss and various reasons why you are losing hair , one of the most common queries we receive from our readers is what home remedies that can be used to combat hair loss and regain lost hair.

After all, unlike expensive and time consuming as treatments hair transplants and therapy platelet rich plasma , the home remedies are easy to use, do not require any medical supervision and best of all, they are free. However, despite the advantages of using popular home remedies for alopecia, how effective they are in reducing thinning in men and women hair? This is what you need to know about baldness in women .

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This is the main ingredients in the kitchen for hair loss as eggs, green tea, onions, methi and Amlas that are well known to improve hair growth. We spoke with Dr. Smriti Naswa, Consultant Dermatologist Fortis Hospital to find out if they can help in the fight against hair thinning or not.

“There is no doubt that the popular home remedies such as coconut and olive oil are good for hair, mainly because they act as effective moisturizers. However, these home remedies or cooking ingredients can only help in improving the quality of your existing hair ‘says Dr. Naswa.

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‘This is because they do not have the ability to reach or stimulate hair roots in any way how are you hair roots and follicles are below the surface of your scalp. This means that these popular home remedies will not help in stopping hair loss and nor will help in hair growth, “he adds.

Apart from that, she warns that if you have a scalp sensitive, you should be careful while using home remedies such as eggs, honey and oils for hair. “If you have a sensitive scalp, itching and oily, topical application of these home remedies can cause several times contact dermatitis , “says Dr. Naswa.

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Dr. Shuba Dharmana, a dermatologist based in Bangalore agrees with Dr. Naswa and says that if along with hair loss, it also has a dry scalp, itching and other symptoms such as redness and pain, home remedies will only exacerbate the problem. “If you are losing 80-100 hairs a day, rather than just the use of home remedies, it would be best to consult your dermatologist and diagnose the cause, as it could also be hormonal or due to iron deficiency, among other medical reasons. Use home remedies only if you have a healthy scalp and stress is causing your hair loss, “she says

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