Product Review: AVA White Rain face and body moisturizer

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Product Review: AVA White Rain face and body moisturizer ; product-review-AVA-moisturiser-beauty-THS

Now that it’s summer, the need of the hour is a humectant light enough SPF protection that can protect our skin from environmental assaults. Of course, finding a moisturizer that does not make your oily skin while providing adequate SPF protection is an uphill task.

Most sunscreens available in India come in the form of both gels and creams. While gels do not help the skin hydration, which at least protect your skin from excessive tanning and sun damage without making your skin too fat. I have combination skin and even during the summer, elbows, knees and legs tend to become dry and dull. Here’s how to choose a sunscreen for the kind of oily, dry or normal skin.

I received this moisturizer that has SPF 30 AVA in my EnvyBox, which made it seem perfect for summer. AVA means Ayur.Veda.Aroma and the product claims to be completely natural as it contains no parabens or artificial fragrances. Here’s why you should use SPF 30 sunscreen this summer. This statement made me more interested in trying this product because they suffer from folliculitis , which means I can not use most commonly moisturizing products available in the market. This product is not readily available in retail stores and beauty that will have to order it online.

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My Trial

The moisturizer smells good, because it is made of pure essential oils of white jasmine, mogra and vanilla, and the product also claims to have anti-aging and anti-stain properties. A bottle of 50 ml costs Rs 150, which makes it more expensive than the average moisturizer. I’ve been using moisturizer for the last two weeks and as mentioned in the bottle, which leaves no oily residue on the skin and is quickly absorbed. The only thing is you have to massage moisturizer on the skin properly, because it is slightly thicker in consistency.

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my review

After using the product every morning, I noticed that my skin, especially my elbows and knees do not feel so dry longer. Also, to some extent, already dark, scaly skin in these areas has eased a bit, which is a great relief! The fragrance of jasmine and mogra not last for long, but while it applies, give you the feeling that you pamper yourself. However, I recommend not to use it on your face if you have oily skin, especially with high humidity.

My Rating: 4.5 / 5

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