Product Review: Hair Oil Kesh Kanti Patanjali

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Product Review: Hair Oil Kesh Kanti Patanjali ; patanjali kesh kanti oil

I was suffering from severe hair loss but I ignored initially thinking it might be due to stress and unhealthy diets. But eventually only it got worse and had no choice but to change my oil. After a series of trial and error with different hair oils including almond oil and hair oils of Ayurveda and also the use of brand shampoos, there was a significant improvement in my hair loss. As fall my hair was getting severe day to day, I had to do something (like I felt I could become bald in a few years if it falls at the same rate) but does not use any product without inquiring about it. After some searching online and consultation with friends, I came across Kesh Kanti oil Patanjali hair. Although he was reluctant to try it at first, I had no choice but to use personally.

The product – oil Patanjali hair Kesh Kanti

What it says: hair oil Patanjali Kesh Kanti, as the name goes, the ensures product deep nourishment, along with the strengthening of the hair follicles the roots. Moreover, it is also stated that the oil not only prevents hair loss but also prevents dandruff, gray hair and split ends. In addition, it also aims to be effective against headache and insomnia.

Ingredients: If you look at the ingredients, is loaded with popular ayurvedic herbs like amla, behada, bramhi, bringaraj, neem leaf, jatamasi, coconut oil and til oil , which are known to work against hair loss and improve hair growth.

Color and texture: The oil is not too watery is very thick, but has the perfect texture. Not unlike sticky coconut oil commonly available (I had used at first, but did not like). As it regards the color, which is yellow-green in color and has a calming effect on the scalp.

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How to use: According to the instructions on the product, apply it before going to bed is the right time. Massaging your scalp properly and wash your hair the next morning.

Price and Availability: Hair Oil Kesh Kanti Patanjali is priced at Rs 130for 100 ml + 20 ml (extra). It is available in local stores and online.

My opinion:

My only concern for treating oil Patanjali Kesh Kanti hair was to prevent hair loss and no hair growth or to treat dandruff . While most hair products failed to show improvement in preventing my hair loss, hair oils Patanjali did the trick for me. I usually use twice a week. I apply the oil on the scalp and massage the hair from the roots of a few minutes before going to bed and wash the next day.

And after using the oil for about a month, I have nothing to regret using it. As my hair is curly, it is often frizzy and dry during the day. And I have to spend the night untie the knots and management before bedtime. But the use of oil has made my life easier, not only nourishes and hydrates hair, but also makes hair soft and shiny.

However, the only thing I do not like is the smell of perfume, which is peculiar to any Ayurvedic medicine and is too strong. In addition, to get rid of the strong smell of your hair, you need to wash your hair at least twice, since it is unlikely that a single wash could help. Although it did not cause any side effects, but if they are cautious about trying, you can do a patch test before use.

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My recommendation

If you are facing serious problems of hair loss and seek safe and natural option to deal with hair loss, I recommend trying their hands in oil Patanjali Kesh Kanti hair. It is readily available and very economical. 100 ml bottle will last more than a month if you are using one or twice a day. Overall, worth an investment to prevent hair loss.

Rating: 4/5

Image Source: Ramdev Ayurveda

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