How grief can help you heal

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How grief can help you heal ;

Publisher Razi Berry

“When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and see who really is crying for which has been your delight.” -Kahlil Gibran

The loss is an inseparable part of life. Some find this truth before others, like my niece who lost his father at the age of 4 months, and his mother at age 12. Each of these losses is devastating. The consequences of each of these losses are profound, and yet can not be quantified or tangibly compared.

I, like you, have experienced my own loss, although a little later in my life. I lost my best friend for 32 years I have lost 5 pregnancies in several stages. A few years later, I lost my sister. My marriage. My father.

Loss. The defeat of hope. The confiscation of dreams. The opposite of that is.

We all deal with loss and grief in our own personal ways. Sometimes, while in the middle of it, it seems more like it deals with us, and their terms, not ours. Some losses may be tried as hard as, or worse than others, but these things can not be measured.

Symptoms of pain

There have been many articles written about the stages of grief, so do not go into them here, but we all agree the symptoms of pain can be overwhelming . They may include physical symptoms such as fatigue, incessant crying, changes in appetite, body aches, headache, nausea and a depressed immune system. Psychological symptoms may include feelings of hopelessness, sadness, depression, loneliness, anger, fear, and being “stuck”. In my moments of grief, it seemed that the world should just be quiet until I regained the energy or motivation to move forward.

Pena can not hasten or stopped, and its symptoms are manifested in both internally and externally. Symptoms are signs that the state of healthy balance of the mind or the body has been interrupted. This interruption may arise from different influential factors external factors such as the environment or social or internal, such as systems of beliefs or thoughts.

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Like when it comes to any symptoms, mask or suppress only serves to push deeper into being physical or emotional imbalance. This is a fundamental truth in naturopathic medicine . Imbalances represented by symptoms find their way through other channels if not allowed to run its natural course. This is one of the causes of the disease. If the pain is suppressed, it can become chronic and cause dysfunction more to the mind or body . When expressed, the pain can be a powerful facilitator of healing.

One of the ways in which pain us healthy is written in symptoms yes . Loss changes our lives what they seem. Change our routines. Changes our relationships. Changes our identity. Pain symptoms force us to slow down. To stop while the rest of the world can not. We eat less, sleep more, like when we are healing from physical injury. Our signals duel others achieve and offer support. Crying also helps release stress hormones in the body, according to Dr. William Frey, author of crying: The Mystery of Tears . Interestingly emotional tears contain more protein such as prolactin and serotonin than other types of tears, which are associated with attachment, bonding, depression and mood. Shakespeare said it best. “To mourn is to make less the depth of grief”

However overwhelming or even powerful pain may seem, is his pain. It is part of your mind / body experience of existence; Therefore, You can direct your path in life . This is an important shift in thinking that moves us from the victim of the penalty winner of our circumstances and ourselves master mind / body / spirit complexes.

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Steps to transform pain

Validate worth

She has a purpose, such as fever serves a purpose to defend itself from disease, pain is a mechanism of the mind / body natural innate experience and loss process. Validate the pain does not mean you have to wallow in it, unless it is useful to you. Validation does not mean rejecting it or ignore it. Validation of it means to feel their emotions and fully accept the fullness of what it means loss for you. It means accepting its value. Suffice to say “yes, I see” their pain can change the quality of the feeling of desperation to tenderness This perspective allows you to see what you are feeling is really love in its deepest and unfathomable way. it can still be painful, but less of emptiness and more knowing.

write a letter to your pain

Write your thoughts and feelings of loss can facilitate deeper awareness of self. This awareness comes from being present in a situation. When we grieve, which they are often less able to focus on tasks and daily routines. I think this is the natural way to help stay present in the moment, which is the only place where healing can take place. We can not go back to yesterday and we can not predict tomorrow, but we can still be present in the now , which can reduce fear and and anxiety .

When writing a letter to his pain, you may want to ask for what you want. Whatever comes, be careful not to judge. Impartial remaining allow full and natural expression of his emotional response, so you can properly release what you need. Releasing the pain does not mean that the loss or sadness no longer feel, but is a process allowing yourself to be aware and in control of their experience of it.

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Share the Pain

We are naturally inclined to connect and share with others. In a way, I’m sharing my pain with you, the reader. Find a safe place to share your pain can alleviate the sense of isolation and even guilt because we are all sharing the human experience. Do not be afraid to reach out to others, as it helps them, too. Altruism is not only beneficial to the bereaved, but research shows that helping others benefits the one offering assistance. Connecting with others increases the hormone oxytocin, which is, plays a role in binding and immune function. This means that it is healthy for help.

These steps are useful in the treatment of pain, and can help you understand what is below the loss of a deep love, and we can celebrate that. As Rumi said “The penalty can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your open throughout heart, your pain can become your best ally in the pursuit of his life by love and wisdom.”

Razi Berry , founder and editor of Naturopathic Doctor News & Review ( ) and NaturalPath ( ), has spent the last decade as an advocate of natural medicine and marketing genius. She has galvanized the support of the naturist community, bringing a higher quality of health care to millions of Americans through their publications. Addicted to healthy self-proclaimed mother of two children food; she loves all things in nature, is obsessed with organic gardening, fruit trees (not easy) in Phoenix growth, snorts and laughing until homeschooling. She is a bit crusty and yes, that is his real name.

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