Cure water and the Iceman: Optimization of circulation and immune function

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Cure water and the Iceman: Optimization of circulation and immune function ;

Dr. Sarah King, ND

With the colder turn, they tend to turn up the heat and keep warm climate. There is nothing wrong with comfort, but we should not overlook the power of exposure to cold temperature.

naturopaths have been studying and using hydrotherapy for hundreds of years. In the 1800s one Austrian peasant farm with the name of Priessnitz was the use of cold treatments and sweating for the treatment of fractures, gout, rheumatism and 1 . With the help of other European medical and pre-existing knowledge of these home treatments based on water, hundreds of doctors and nurses Europe were trained in “Water Cure”. The history of hydrotherapy is extensive and the development of different techniques ranging from sweating and the application of cold water to constitutional treatments lasted for over a hundred years.

conventional doctors recognize the effects that temperature can be in a specific place. A cold compress will help reduce swelling and inflammation of a sprained ankle. A hot water bottle can help relax tense muscles, but naturopathically to know that there is a greater influence in hand. In 2014, a medical center in the Netherlands to test theories of a Dutchman named Wim Hof, measurement of hormones and mediators of inflammation and immune system.

I recently heard a podcast with Hof, the “Iceman” as he is known famous, and I was impressed by their achievements related to temperature. Hof said that at an early age felt compelled to jump into the freezing cold water. He learned to control his breathing, heart rate, and circulation. After being up to his neck in ice water for over an hour, he was able to maintain a core body temperature 37 degrees Celsius. How is this possible? Everything is in the air, he explains: The breath control and optimization of oxygen saturation, especially in the presence of extreme cold. The crushed ice experiment in 2010 showed that the metabolic rate of Hof had increased significantly during this immersion in ice water while his body was trying to keep his internal heat generation 2 .

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In another study at the Research Institute of thrombosis showed that people who took a cold shower circulating every day there were more white blood cells than control subjects 3 . It does not sound very funny – there are very few who actually like are immersed in cold water, but the following tips can help with any spa treatment start:

  • Start slow. For cold water treatments start with cold water, and with each subsequent treatment, try using cooler water. It aims to “uncomfortable, but tolerable”.
  • Do not forget to breathe! Pay attention and concentrate. Keep your mind calm and control your breathing in and out. If you can avoid panic, he tolerates 30 seconds of cold water easier than I thought.
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How you can help these studies the use of hydrotherapy safely?

Having a naturopath helps to recognize what the water temperature can do for you and when to use it. Something as simple as putting an end to a hot shower with 30-60 seconds of cold water can increase oxygen uptake, excretion of carbon dioxide, and peripheral white blood cell counts 1 . Stimulates circulation, but also by increasing metabolism of brown fat cells. These fat cells Brown help generate heat by mechanisms shaking in the presence of cold exposure and have been linked to glucose control and insulin sensitivity – a promising direction in the treatment and prevention of type 2 diabetes 4 and obesity 5 .

An alternative option for those seeking the benefits of hydrotherapy is to visit a spa or spa therapeutic water offered “thermotherapy”. Toronto Body Blitz has an incredible top: a circuit consisting of a pool of Dead Sea salt hot, hot pool Epsom salt, cold water pool and sauna and steam room to increase sweating. Quebec also has many places that offer spa thermotherapy. Look for a circuit alternating hot and cold, a rest period and a sauna or other means of sweating.

NaturalPath bio pic Dr. Sarah King is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2014. Before he completed his medical studies, he attended Nipissing University, where he received his Honors Bachelor of Science in Biology. Sarah has a passion for women’s health and is a doula in Durham and the Toronto region. a wide variety of health conditions, including menstrual disorders and hormonal balance, fertility, prenatal care, digestive concerns, skin care and health / mental anxiety is. Out of Office Sarah is an avid runner with a love of the best forest tracks the GTA. She also continues to improve its practice and teaches yoga breathing exercises as part of stress management advice to their patients.


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