It has not washed your hair in how long?

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It has not washed your hair in how long? ;

Dr. Taryn Deane, ND

been 3 years since I used the shampoo and conditioner, with the exception of half a dozen times in which was away from the house without supplies. It is a lot because now, more than ever, I get complimented my hair.

Why, you ask? Well, what began as an experiment has become a little passion project and I’m happy to say I’ve made all kinds of negative magic of the “no” form caca ‘life people.

These are the main benefits I have experienced:

  • Time – have come down to a wash every 4-5 days with a series of rinses there
  • EFFORT – This hair needs attention when you have to wash all the time – more easily now
  • waste – No newer bottles of dirt, now fill that I have so no waste at all
  • HEALTH – there is no doubt that chemicals in products are cancerous, at best
  • MONEY – it’s crazy what is spent on these things, that on the other side costs pennies
  • environment – Fewer chemicals the drain means less in the sewage system
  • BEAUTY – say goodbye to dandruff and hello to smooth locks, happy
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– cup (you may want to avoid the glass if you are a clutz like me, I’ll take a mason jar because I’m a rebel like that)

– vinegar Apple (. Premiums with the mother, ie organic filaments which are deposited on the bottom)

– sodium bicarbonate

– water (tap)

Instructions step by step:

  1. dump 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda in the cup (I do this out of the shower before entering)
  2. Add water and swish around so it is mixed in then fill and pour over the roots
  3. massage the scalp to exfoliate (NOTE: this does not lather as “regular poop).
  4. Rinsing
  5. Add 1-2 tablespoons (depending on hair length) of stroke and add water
  6. Pour over head and rinse immediately. Rinse cup after and go! It’s over.
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Other things to consider:

– I do not dye my hair, but maintenance was used not for me. I can not guarantee results if you do.

– no longer use mousse or hairspray or gel, but this will wash those things with certainty

-. Still straighten regularly, although I would only do in the day that ‘no ‘poop’ gets a little greasy if I try for a day or two after

-. the smell of vinegar apple cider is a bit much for some people, but disappears once dried

-. My hair is dry, so often I’ll throw in a little coconut oil on the ends or make a mask once a month or so

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. -. You can get addicted to this new process and as a result get grossed out by the thinness and the smell of regular products after a break from them

do not know how to go about it? Output This video I did for a little demonstration.

TarynDeane_HeadShots2014-181-mgon1lj6d3mhteesls0hqu933gsbtmwj57w7tjvauy Dr. Taryn Deane honest ND provides healthcare mixing ancient principles with modern biomedicine to treat skin problems, sex and self-esteem. She believes that the key to a happy and healthy life is to build resilience through balance, altruism, luminosity and ecological awareness.

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