A study shows that undergo fertility treatments may put women at risk of breast density cancerup breast cancer risk

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infertility and hormonal fertility treatments are likely to influence the amount of dense tissue in the breast and increase the potential risk of breast cancer warns a new study. The results showed that women with a history of infertility had absolute highest dense volume – which is denser, the glandular breast tissue – that infertile women. Among infertile women, those who had undergone controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) – hormone treatment required for in vitro fertilization – had dense higher than those who had not received any hormonal treatment absolute volume. “The results of our study indicate that infertile women, especially those who undergo COS, could represent a group with an increased risk of breast cancer,” said lead author Frida Lundberg at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Hormone replacement therapy, such as COS, increases levels of estrogen and progesterone and has been suspected to increase the risk of breast cancer. (Read: Every woman should know these 6 symptoms of breast cancer )

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The study, published in the open access journal Breast Cancer Research , is the first analysis based on the population to investigate the effect of infertility and hormone stimulation of mammographic density, which can be a useful effect of a treatment of hormonal fertility on the risk of breast cancer, especially in women marker for below the age at which breast cancer usually (50 years) diagnosed. The researchers selected 43,313 women between 40 and 69 years who had mammograms between 2010 and 2013. Out of 8,963 women who reported fertility problems, 1,576 had undergone COS, 1,429 had hormonal stimulation without COS and 5,948 had received no treatment fertility. The team compared the first mammographic density levels between fertile and infertile women. Then compared infertile women who had never received hormonal treatment to those with fertility. Here are 10 tips for early detection of breast cancer .

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