delivery strategies of chemotherapy in the central nervous system

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delivery strategies of chemotherapy in the central nervous system ;

Delivery strategies of chemotherapy to the central nervous system
The blood-brain barrier and the barrier blood-tumor remain major obstacles to the delivery of drugs to brain tumors. Credit: Dr. David Fortin, Bentham Science Publishers

Research thoroughly reviews the importance of the blood brain barrier (BBB) ​​and blood tumor barrier (BTB), along with the current situation and future prospects of interesting physical and surgical strategies to avoid these barriers central nervous system (CNS) in the treatment of malignant brain tumors.

In this paper, the authors particularly focus on assessing the development of a selected number of strategies to improve the distribution of therapeutic agents for the central nervous system in the context of the neuro-oncology. This review is unique in the sense that focuses on surgical and physical methods of delivery that are of current interest and in the current development. The following strategies are discussed in this review: intraarterial delivery, disruption of osmotic BHE, intranasal delivery, convection-enhanced delivery, implanted polymers, magnetic microspheres and ultrasound BBB disruption. For each delivery method , unbiased and updated on the current technical information, preclinical and clinical data available to you.

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This detailed overview of the issue will raise a great interest in the oncology community as it is shown to be a very prosperous area of ​​research. Finally, the authors also stress the importance of fostering collaboration to enable further progress in the preclinical and clinical research with the overall objective of finding ways to impact better patient outcomes and survival.

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