diffusion weighted MRI + OK undescended testes

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diffusion weighted MRI + OK undescended testes ;

(HealthDay) -Combined diffusion images (DWI) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) show a higher yield compared to conventional MRI only for the identification of non-palpable undescended testes (UDT), according to a study published online April 6 in Journal of medical Imaging and Radiation Oncology .

Sally Emad-Eldin, MD, University Hospitals of Cairo, and colleagues evaluated the diagnostic performance of the combination of DWI and conventional MRI, including T2WI-fat suppression, for identification and localization of nonpalpable UDT in 40 consecutive patients with 47 undescended testes not -palpable (33 unilateral and bilateral cases, seven cases with an average age of 7.5 years).

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The researchers found that the final diagnoses of the location of the UDT based on the findings of laparoscopy were: intra-canalicular (18 cases), low intra-abdominal (six cases), and high intra-abdominal (five cases). There were 18 cases of missing testicles or leakage. Combined DWI and conventional MRI had a diagnostic accuracy, sensitivity and specificity of 95.7, 93.5 and 100 percent, respectively.

“Based on our results, we can obviate the need for diagnostic laparoscopy in patients with preoperative detection of inguinal testes or nubbins” write the authors.

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