Existing cancer drug found effective against drug resistant leukemia

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A study has identified a previously unrecognized action axitinib Pfizer as a potent inhibitor of the dominant mutation that confers resistance to medicines for all well tolerated in patients with certain types of leukemia treatments.

Researchers at the Institute of Molecular Medicine Finland studied the cancer cells of patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and myeloid leukemia (CML and ALL) who had developed resistance to currently available treatments. The researchers found that axitinib a tyrosine kinase inhibitor currently approved for treating certain patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma, leukemia cells derived effectively eliminated patients resistant to drugs. (Read: The protein responsible for the formation of blood cells could be the key to fighting leukemia )

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‘If you think about the specific protein as a lock that fits in the anticancer drug in as key changes in protein resistant, so we need a different key. ‘In the case of axitinib, which acts as two different keys – one for renal cell carcinoma and one for leukemia, “said Brion Murray, a researcher at Pfizer and one of the lead authors of the study

. ‘from axitinib already used to treat cancer, its safety is known and a formal exploration of its clinical utility in resistant leukemia drugs can now be done in a fast-track mode, “said another author Kimmo Porkka, . chief of hematology at the University Central hospital of Helsinki the findings were published online in the Nature magazine (Read:. a new drug for leukemia shows promising results in trials early stage )

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