Fight cancer and reduce blood pressure! When was the last time you ate?

May 7, 2017 | | Say something

beetroot juice The beet has an extremely high concentration of nitrates, which, as demonstrated by a number of different studies, reduces blood pressure .

A study conducted in London found that only a glass of beet juice daily reduces the pressure considerably. The last study in Melbourne showed that the pressure is reduced significantly just six hours after drinking half a liter of beet juice.

Scientists have concluded that the number of deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases will be reduced by 10 percent if more people drink beet juice.

Studies have shown that increases strength, and that drinking beet juice can reduce the progression of dementia and tumor growth. Namely, research conducted in Washington in 2011, have shown that the beet betacyanin reduced prostate tumor growth and breast by 12.5 percent.

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Nutritionists recommend beet for digestive problems as well, noting that it is also good for the liver, as it helps in the treatment of toxins.

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