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sugarcancer Scientific Find This Common food not only cancer cells that created to feed


first realize that even without being diagnosed cancer, all have at least a few cancer cells floating in our “inner terrain”. A decent immune system resides in a slightly alkaline or neutral pH inner terrain is able to defend them and keep them out of colonization in tumor masses.

On the other hand, those who are mainly in the SAD (standard American diet), which includes a large number of industrial farms meat and junk foods saturated refined sugars or corn syrup, high fructose (HFCS) processed foods, which use even with their products that are not sweet to keep addict, together with all refined carbohydrates in refined grain products baked, They are adding fuel (literally) fire cancer.

conventional oncology ignores this discovery 1930 Nobel Otto Warburg, also known as the “Warburg Effect”: When normal cells begin to lack of breathing oxygen use glucose and nutrients metabolically for cellular energy, They depend on the fermentation of sugar to thrive in the absence of oxygen and become cancerous.

Instead oncologists administer IV chemotherapy therapies while giving patients their ice cream and cookies as the poison is injected into them. Large profits from the sale of these treatments and toxic drugs in a benefit too. “Cancer cells consume sugar over 19x faster than healthy cells.” – Dr. Murray Susser, MD

Conventional medicine refuses to look at diet as a function of potential metabolic dysfunction that helps promote and maintain cancer while affirming genetic disposition as the primary cause of cancer.
His arrogance and incredible benefits thrive in toxic interventions such as chemotherapy and radiation. The first concern of preventing or eliminating cancer should be what you put into your body. That gives you control over cancer.

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is a no-brainer when it comes to avoid soft drinks, juices with added sugars, pastries, sweets and processed foods that use processed grains and even add sugar or HFCS foods that are not even sweet. That’s to keep you addicted, even if you can not taste. Refined sugar is really addictive, some argue that it is still as addictive as cocaine.

A recent study that produces carcinogenic sugar

But now it’s even worse. Green Med Info has discovered a study that seems to be hidden from public view and certainly is not welcome within our system of orthodox oncology. It would cramp benefits of food and soft drinks business if refined sugar is seen as a carcinogen.

The study, “The increased absorption of sugar promotes oncogenesis through EPAC / RAP1 and O-GlcNAc way”, was published in 2013-2014 Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI). Because it is an open access journal, you can access the full text, not just the summary, here.

I wonder how this study has not done much excitement in our broken health care system, because it is so accessible. Instead, it was dug up by a search engine research for the Green Med Info

is, of course, full of biochemical details, which is what the medical people are supposed to be familiar with. So for now, we will be content with the summary report of a layman of his study, which was an in vitro (cultures, Petri dishes, test tubes and study) compared to an in vivo study (animal or human ). This way you could really play with and analyze the results with full control.

Here it is the bottom line of this study: The increase in glucose uptake leads to early stages of creating cancer cells while limiting consumption of glucose invests cancer cells in normal cells. In other words, sugar is carcinogenic, as well as fodder for existing cancer cells.

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is important not to confuse the huge amount of refined sugar, table sugar or HFCS, taken with soft drinks and processed foods with naturally occurring sugars and fructose in food of animal origin vegetable, no matter how high can the glycemic index. Fruit juices do not need added sugar, but many fruit juices have added sugar. That’s the kind of drink or food that should be avoided.

However, table sugar is refined, and most breads and pastries shelf consists of refined grains are refined carbohydrates, which are converted into sugar instantly without any compensation The nutrition. Whole foods are processed to be independent of other compounds that balance natural whole foods to be beneficial.

An interesting extract information from tutor Cancer:
Dr. Tony [Antonio] Jimenez hypothesizes that sugar organic products can not contribute to growth cancer cells like its counterpart adulterated [refined sugar / HFCS]. He explains that human mammalian cells absorb levorotatory (left turning) molecules, while cancer cells can only absorb spinning molecules (right) dextrorotatory.

Essentially, fruits in their natural state contain sugars is spinning, while influenced-GMO fruits consist only right to turn sugars. Dr. Jimenez concludes that the glycemic index is not as important as the source and the line of fruits and vegetables we eat. As an example, Dr. Max Gerson used carrot juice as a successful alternative therapy, despite its high glycemic index.

easy and that’s not so easy for many

So here is the simplicity of it all. Avoid placing adding sugar to their food and drink, avoid all sweets and processed foods, even those obviously sweets containing refined sugars added to keep you coming back for more because of its addictive quality.

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This is more difficult for most of what you think. I met an American woman in Mexico who were advised to return to Texas and have a higher hospital to determine the status of a body detected in your gastrointestinal tract cancer. I advised him to lay off sugar because if it turned out to be cancer that aggravate their condition.

She collapsed and whimpered slightly, indicating the impossibility of abstinence for her. I have read enough reports of spouses, friends and family showing many are not willing to make changes in diet to cure cancer, and whatever he had used the therapy failed Probably because of that.

Many prefer to just do what they tell their doctors and eat and drink what they want. And some want the same freedom, even while avoiding chemotherapy or radiation. This is especially true among those who use cannabis as a “silver bullet” to treat their cancer.

Despite all carcinogenic chemicals that cover our biosphere, which have an area that is in our control -. Avoid refined sugars and carbohydrates

Paul Fassa is a contributing writer for His hobbies are controlling medical mafia on health and the food industry and government corruption regulatory agencies. courageous contributions of Paul to the movement of health and global paradigm shift are world renowned. Visit his blog following this link and follow him on Twitter here.

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