Women who smoke have a higher risk of dying from breast cancer

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Women who smoke are less likely to answer breast cancer treatment compared to those who abstain from it, and conversely, may be adversely affected by it, says a study. Women suffering from breast cancer were treated mostly with aromatase inhibitors – Drugs that lower estrogen levels in fat tissue – which can reduce the risk of recurrence in women with cancer estrogen-responsive breast. The results showed that women who reached menopause were affected by contrast aromatase inhibitors, as a result of smoking and were at increased risk of dying, either from breast cancer or other diseases. Read: How do cells of breast cancer spread )

‘Smokers who were treated with aromatase inhibitors had a threefold increased risk of recurrence breast cancer compared to non-smokers who received the same treatment, “said Helena Jernstrom, Associate professor at the University of Lund in Sweden. by contrast, women in the category of smokers who were treated with aromatase inhibitors showed significant improvements. “However, we have seen little or no difference between smokers and non-smokers among patients treated with the drug tamoxifen, radiotherapy or chemotherapy, ‘Jernstrom said in the paper published in the British Journal of Cancer . (Read: cure for breast cancer on the horizon)

The researchers conducted a study of more than 1,016 patients with breast cancer. Approximately one in five women said it was either a regular smoker or a “social smoker.” effects of snuff consumption depending on what type of treatment for breast cancer patients after their surgeries were analyzed. (Read: An effective form of treatment for breast cancer)

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