How much normal cholesterol levels?

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is important to know if your cholesterol level in the blood is normal or not. Can there be a symptom that can be used as a signal that we have high cholesterol? A doctor said that most of hypercholesterolemia do not cause symptoms. For the doctor, he advised to check at least 1 year. This test aims to determine hypercholesterolemia as soon as possible to avoid caused diseases. High levels of cholesterol cause blood flow so that oxygen is less viscous, so that the symptoms is less oxygen symptoms such as headache, fatigue.
Blood vessels are broken, the most common cause of heart disease and stroke. However, not only the deadly disease is interrupted blood vessels can also cause impotence. Cholesterol levels in the blood, can be determined by a blood test in the laboratory health. The results were compared with cholesterol levels in the leaderboard to determine which group. Below table cholesterol levels are presented to check its level is normal or not cholesterol (taken from

Less than 200 mg / dl
is the size of a normal cholesterol levels. This means that the amount of total cholesterol levels of LDL (bad cholesterol), HDL (good cholesterol) and lower than 200 mg / dl triglycerides therefore heart disease is not going to attack us. But that does not mean that you continue to eat foods high in fat, it is advisable to keep adjusting your diet and exercise regularly.

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are in the range of 200-239 mg / dl
including cholesterol levels are sufficient. If this is your cholesterol levels are in the range of 200-239 mg / dl, you should check for the laboratory to determine the details of the levels of LDL, HDL and triglycerides.

More than 240 mg / dl
cholesterol levels high risk. Why is that, because a person with a great measure cholesterol levels are prone to heart disease.

Normal levels of HDL cholesterol levels
HDL normal for men ranged from 40-50 mg / dl and 20-60 mg / dl for women. If higher levels of HDL, the lower the risk of heart disease.

Normal levels of LDL cholesterol
By contrast, less than the levels of LDL in the blood, the lower the risk of heart disease.

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Generally, LDL levels are divided into the following categories:
<100 mg / dl = very good
Between 100-129 mg / dl = normal
Between 130-159 mg / dl = sufficient
Between 160-189 mg / dl = high
> 190 mg / dl = very high

normal levels of triglycerides
What is a triglyceride? Triglycerides are a type of fat found in the blood and various organs. This fat will greatly affect cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels rise, which means that if cholesterol levels also rise
Triglyceride levels are divided into several categories, namely :.
<150 mg / dl = good
150-199 mg / dl = normal
200-499 mg / dl = high
500 mg / dl = very high

The proportion total cholesterol to HDL cholesterol is also important to note, because the value is more significant to the possibility that the risk of coronary heart disease. According to the Framingham Heart Study, the ideal ratio of total cholesterol: HDL, which is from 2.5 to 3.4. value ratio of 3.5 -4.5 still tolerable, but be careful. value ratios above 4.5 are at risk of suffering a heart attack twice higher than the value of the ratio is 3.5-4.5. The higher the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL, the greater the risk of coronary heart disease.

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If you can not control normal levels of blood cholesterol and total cholesterol levels below 200 mg / dl, then the process will be hampered atherosclerosis. In addition, LDL cholesterol levels above 160 mg / dl, can increase the risk of arteroklerosis 2.5times. Conversely, reducing excessive LDL levels, reducing the risk of heart disease for over 10 years.

People with cholesterol 200-240 mg / dl total, have the threat of heart disease twice, compared with levels below 200 mg / dl. This threat is increased by four times if cholesterol levels of 300 mg / dl. The levels of 200-300 mg / dl, due to consumption of bad in many prolonged. ideal total cholesterol levels in the body state should always be below 200 mg / dl. How much normal cholesterol levels? , article source:

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