Fear childbirth? Study says it can lead to post-partum depression

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While some fear in pregnant women is normal, excessive fear of childbirth can lead to complications during pregnancy and childbirth, and increase the risk of postpartum depression , the researchers say. The study showed that women are even more afraid of giving birth than previously thought, and are so concerned about their health care providers and their place of birth as they are about pain or complications. Excessive fear can lead to complications during pregnancy and childbirth, said Lee Roosevelt, clinical assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of Nursing in the US .. For the study, researchers polled three different small groups, focus of women who were pregnant or had recently given birth. “Women who have significant fear of childbirth are more likely to have caesarean sections, longer deliveries, and needing induction or stimulation,” Roosevelt said (Read:. 7 Facts about postpartum depression (PPD) I would like to know as a new mother )

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“they are more likely to have postpartum depression,” he said. The findings appeared in the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing. Women are not only more fear than previously thought, but her fears extend far beyond the common concerns about pain or complications in childbirth, she said. One of the biggest fears being abandoned by the clinician, Roosevelt said. They worry about their doctors do not treat them with respect and listen to their concerns, or not attend the actual birth, the study found. (Read: suffering from postpartum depression Hormone therapy can help !)

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