“Normal” thyroid function and depression tie

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“Normal” thyroid function and depression tie ;

The study by researchers at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, appeared online in February before printing in the journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM) of the Endocrine Society.

The thyroid functions beyond the regulation of metabolism and can also influence mental health. Research has supported the link between an increased risk of depression in both over and under-active thyroid glands.

To measure the impact of active thyroid on depression in the elderly, researchers examined 1503 Dutch men and women with an average age of 70. Participants were evaluated for thyroid peroxidase antibody levels and depressive symptoms.

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This is the first study to find an association between variations of thyroid activity and depression within the normal range.

The results showed that having thyroid activity at the upper end of the normal range had a significantly higher risk of developing depression over a period of eight years, compared with people who had less thyroid activity within the range Normal, said Marco Medici, one of the researchers.

The study found that elderly people with low to normal levels of TSH are at increased risk of depressive disorders or depressive syndrome in the years that testing on higher TSH levels.

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Therefore low-normal TSH results are flags for important risk factors in depression and the elderly.

Dr. Jenny Berg, ND writes about hyperthyroidism. As a practitioner in Aria Integrative Medicine in Seattle, Washington. It is patients battling thyroid problems and said he believes that this research is important because it will require the re-evaluation of normal TSH values ​​really mean.
He said, “This study has been long in coming.”

“This is very important because there have been a lot of studies out recently reanalyzed the active role and record normal active thyroid,” he said. “This study gives a little more information about what attribute values ​​relative to normal thyroid activity, and how can we interpret the normal laboratory values ​​of normal thyroid function and tie them to the symptoms later.

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“I will be looking at TSH values ​​more closely now,” Berg said.


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