Stress and depression related to HPV (human papilloma virus) infection

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Beware! Stress and depression can be harmful for women with HPV infection (human papillomavirus) and if it continues for some years beyond the initial infection can lead to cervical cancer, researchers have warned. HPV infection is the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and is different from HIV and herpes virus.

Women with HPV infection should be warned that stress reduction can help clear infection and drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes can hinder your ability to eliminate the infection. “Women who reported the strategies of self-destructive coping, such as drinking, smoking cigarettes or taking drugs when stressed, were more likely to develop an active HPV infection,” said lead researcher Anna-Barbara Moscicki University School of Los California angels medicine

‘also found that women who were depressed or perceived to have a lot of stress were more likely to have HPV persistence, “said Moscicki. The team examined a group of 333 women who were about 19 years old on average when they enrolled in the study. During the 11th year of the study, women were 28 years old, participants complete a questionnaire about the amount of stress they had been asked, how they coped with stress and whether they were depressed.

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compared their responses to whether women had HPV persistence – which means they still tested positive for the virus – or if the infection had cleared. ‘HPV infections are the cause of cervical cancers. However, HPV infections are very common and only the few who continue years after the initial infection infection are at risk of developing cervical cancer, “Moscicki said.

‘This is alarming, because many of these women became persistent infection as adolescents, “Moscicki said. The study was scheduled to be presented at the 2016 meeting of Pediatric Academic Societies in Baltimore.

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