Why weight loss surgery is ideal for diabetics

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Why weight loss surgery is ideal for diabetics ;

Shares of specialized cells in the intestine which secrete a potent cocktail of hormones when we eat may explain why diabetes is cured in most patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery, according to a study. The most common type of gastric bypass actually a part of the intestinal hormone cells are also omitted and that can lead to a change or reprogramming of cells of the intestinal hormone that perform poorly, the researchers suggested. “Our research is focused on neuroendocrine cells that” taste “of what we eat and in response to release a cocktail of hormones that communicate with the pancreas, to control the release of insulin in the brain, to convey the feeling of being full and to optimize and maximize digestion and absorption of nutrients, “said Craig Smith of the University of Manchester in Britain.

“Normally, all of these are important to stay healthy and nourished factors. However, these cells can malfunction and result in less or more than eat, “said Smith. The cells of the intestinal hormone previously thought to contain only one hormone, was up six hormones like the hormone ghrelin hunger, the findings revealed . ‘the common type most gastric bypass actually also a part of the hormone-producing cells of the intestine is bypassed. it is believed that this causes the cells of the intestinal hormone change and be reprogrammed. for us, understanding how change these cells in response to surgery is probably the key to a cure for diabetes, “Smith said. (Read 😕 Metabolic surgery diabetes – can actually reverse the disease )

The study was published in the journal Endocrinology .

What is bariatric surgery?

A bariatric surgery is a procedure that promotes weight loss by changing the anatomy of the digestive system, which limits the amount of food that can be eaten and digested. Although bariatric surgery has become synonymous with weight loss, and people who can afford to consider that is an easier alternative to eat healthy and exercise. Dr. Ramen Goel, a bariatric surgeon tells us more about the procedure.

Who should opt for it?

Surgery is not for everyone. Dr. Goel said TheHealthSite.com , ‘The procedure is recommended for patients who are at least 25-30 kg overweight with a BMI is 32.5 or higher. People with severe diabetes, hypertension or obstructive sleep apnea associated with obesity are also likely candidates. Women who have irregular periods and can not conceive due to obesity can also opt for surgery. “Surgery is also very effective for type 2 diabetics because it increases insulin resistance and helps control blood sugar. It is believed that about 80% of type 2 diabetics again have sugar normal blood without intervention medicinal.

side effects and complications

Recently, actor Rakesh Deewana died after undergoing surgery weight loss. After the procedure, he suffered a dysfunction of the brain stem and hypertension. the truth is that like all other surgeries, the risks will also be present in bariatric surgery. it could be related to anesthesia, how surgery and also tracked. There is also some risk of kidney problems, low blood sugar, nerve problems and can also suffer from chronic nutritional problems after surgery. Read more about Surgery for weight loss or bariatric surgery – have the right information

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