Diet fast weight loss, to clean your body of toxins in 5 days!

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Diet fast weight loss, to clean your body of toxins in 5 days! ;

Rapid Weight-Loss Diet, It Will Cleanse Your Body from Toxins in 5 Days!

pineapple is one of the fruits of the most beneficial for the organism , known for its diuretic properties and cleaning that helps to lose weight. In its composition emphasizes the presence of antioxidants and water, so it is not surprising that it can become help to combat water retention, eliminate toxins and, incidentally, get rid of a few pounds. Therefore, for some time several plans based on its known power, which aims to help those who feel intoxicated and overweight body.

pineapple to detoxify the body

due to bad habits that have modern lifestyle, body is overloaded tasks and they often have great difficulty in elimination of toxins, to be present in the bloodstream, they can affect all systems of the body. Thanks to its high content of vitamins, minerals and water, , this fruit has the ability to support the functioning of organs purifiers to optimize their work and get rid of these harmful residues. But also concentrates a digestive enzyme called Bromelain, which supports digestion proper food for good absorption of nutrients and improving intestinal movement.

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prior to the diet of pineapple

pineapple diet is interesting to remove the fluid retained in the alternative of body and in particular reduce bloating. This is an eating plan designed to detoxify the body after eating excesses committed and thanks to its properties is good to purify the liver, kidneys and pancreas.  However, its use must not be excessive because, being so low in calories, does not meet the nutritional requirements necessary to enjoy good health. In this case we are going to perform for four days, enough to lose a few pounds and clean all the time in the body.

what is the pineapple diet?

this meal four days plan is to incorporate this fruit at each meal of the day , supplemented with other foods low in calories which will help to enhance their effects. In general, it is combining a maximum of 400 grams of lean animal protein with some vegetables and high in pineapple.

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day 1

  • breakfast. Begin to eat two slices of organic pineapple or non-use of canned in syrup . It comes complete with a toasted integral with low sugar jam.
  • lunch: eat two slices of pineapple with 200 grams of tuna grilled, seasoned with a little olive oil, salt and pepper oil.
  • dinner: eat two slices of pineapple with 200 g of chicken breast grilled and salad dressed with olive oil and vinegar.

is recommended to prepare an infusion of pineapple with remaining shells to take in the hours of the day where you feel anxiety.

  • day 2 breakfast: two slices of pineapple with a slice of bread coated with cheese low fat.
  • food: prepare a grilled beef steak, seasoned with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. For dessert, eat two slices of pineapple.
  • dinner: make a light cream with purifying plant vegetables like celery, asparagus and artichokes. Finish with two slices of pineapple.
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3 and 4

  • 3 and 4 simply menus 1 and 2 are repeated.

following this diet without falling into any kind of temptation can lose 2-4 pounds in four days. However, to repeat again have to wait at least two months. CONTRAINDICATIONS

because it is so low in calories, during the days of this diet may experience a strong feeling of anxiety , hunger and discomfort due to lack of energy.  people who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure or kidney problems should avoid submitting to it. Some compounds of this fruit have any interaction with drugs chemicals, worsen its side effects. In these cases, it is best to consult a physician before taking. Being rich in acids and Bromelain, pineapple can even cause small sores or ulcers in the language and in the surrounding area.


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