10 reasons to eat ragi or nachni

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10 reasons to eat ragi or nachni ; ragi1

Although India is the largest producer of finger millet (ragi or nachni) , which contributes to about 58% of world production, very few Indians know about their health benefits and nutritional value. If you are among those who are unaware of the benefits of including nachni in your diet, here are 10 reasons why you should.

1. Rich in calcium : No other cereal Ragi approaches when it is calcium. Calcium is an important factor when it comes to bone development and prevention of osteoporosis . Replacing calcium pills with ragi kanji or porridge and their inclusion in the diet of growing children is a good way to reap its benefits. You may also be interested to know the 9 Reasons why you should eat foods rich in calcium .

# 2 Help in weight loss The natural fat content in ragi is lower than all other cereals. In addition, this fat is in its unsaturated form. Therefore, substituting wheat and rice is a good choice for people trying to lose weight. It also contains an amino acid called tryptophan, which reduces appetite.

3 # High fiber: Compared with white rice, ragi contains higher amounts of dietary fiber. Because of this, ragi aids digestion, prevents overeating and makes you feel full for a longer period of time. Lecithin amino acids methionine and helps in reducing cholesterol levels in the body by removing the excess fat in the liver. Furthermore, threonine prevents the formation of fat in the liver and provides an overall reduction of the body cholesterol .

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No. 4 regulates sugar levels in the blood: The high content of polyphenols and fiber has another advantage. Diabetic patients can rely ragi to create a restricted version of the glucose level. Diets that include regularly ragi have been known to have a lower glycemic response. This is especially the inclusion of ragi bran as the grain is too small to be polished and ground. Know about how whole grains can prevent type 2 diabetes

# 5 Battles anemia Ragi is an excellent source of natural iron . Patients with anemia and low hemoglobin levels can begin to include in their diets ragi as an internal resource. Vitamin C is known to help the absorption of iron. Once Ragi allowed to sprout, vitamin C levels increase and lead to increased iron absorption in the bloodstream. Read more about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of anemia .

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6 # natural relaxant: The large amount of amino acids and antioxidants in ragi help the body to relax naturally. common illnesses such as anxiety, insomnia, headaches and depression may be faced with ragi. The amino acid called tryptophan is an important contributor to the relaxing effects of ragi.

No. 7 reduces the risk of Career In its early stages of growth, that is, when it is still green, ragi can help prevent high blood pressure . Cholesterol levels in blood can also regulate, it leads to reduced plaque formation and blockage of the vessels. As a result, the risk of hypertension and s Troke drops significantly. Do you like to read about 6 Tips lifestyle to prevent stroke .

# 8 without gluten: People celiac disease or followers of gluten-free diet can incorporate ragi in your daily intake, as it is completely free of gluten. Not many cereals can boast of this property since gluten is an important nutrient in all cereals.

# 9 Excellent food for babies: In southern India, where it is consumed widely ragi, babies as old as 28 days are fed ragi gruel in his baptism. It is believed that ragi promotes better digestion. The high content of calcium and iron is useful for bone growth and overall development of the child. especially ragi processed baby powders are widely available for use during weaning.

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10 # Increases lactation nursing mothers are encouraged to include ragi, especially when it is green, because it improves the handling of milk and impregnated milk with essential amino acids, iron and calcium necessary for the nutrition of the mother and the child. Milk production is also affected positively. Ragi is prescribed for mothers who want to increase the amount of milk produced by your baby. You may want to know the health benefits of whole grains

Some easy recipes to help you exploit the ragi benefits has on offer are

However, high consumption of ragi should be avoided as it may increase the amount of oxalic acid in the body. Therefore, it is inadvisable for patients with kidney stones and urinary calculi.

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