4 factors to consider before buying apple cider vinegar weight loss

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4 factors to consider before buying apple cider vinegar weight loss ; Apple cider vinegar for beauty

Apple cider vinegar is emerging as the new drink health. There are claims that can help you in weight loss get rid of dandruff , which works best for diabetes, gives your hair a natural shine, gets rid of body smell and several other benefits [. But is it really effective?

Tejender Kaur Dr. Sarna, nutritionist and lifestyle coach says that apple cider vinegar is effective in many ways, but the effects begin to appear only after the it has regularly used at least 30 to 35 days. She says that vinegar apple cider is low in sugar, you can improve insulin sensitivity, control acidity acidity GERD , hiccups, subside cholesterol level less blood and sore throat.

Here are some things to consider before buying IT

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1. Color- Dr. Sarna said that the color of a vinegar apple may vary from lemon yellow to brownish orange. The color of vinegar is different depending on the color of apple peels is made. If the apples are pale pink in vinegar you have a yellowish color, while if the vinegar becomes dark red vinegar will be darker. Some brands also sell bleached apple cider vinegar, which is colorless or white.

2. Acidity -Dr Sarna informs the check labels before buying apple cider vinegar. Labels mention the acidity of vinegar and the vinegar with 5% acidity best woks. In addition, follow the instructions on the label and store the bottle as mentioned.

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3. Types of apple cider vinegar There are different types of apple cider vinegar available on the market. Unpasteurized, cold pressed, unfiltered, taste, etc.

unpasteurized vinegar apple cider , as its name suggests, is not pasteurized which it means there are many possibilities that are not bacteria and other microorganisms They thrive on it.

cold pressed vinegar is made from apple juice that is extracted by cold pressing . Cold pressure does not destroy the nutrients in the fruit and juice is supposed to be healthier than other juices.

filter apple cider vinegar contains the mother of vinegar which is a compound formed during the natural process of fermentation. Dr. Sarna says it is best to buy filtering apple cider vinegar. Filter the apple cider vinegar is darker in color and is cloudy. It is also believed to be more potent.

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4. Brand -Dr Sarna recommends using apple cider vinegar brands such as American Garden and Vedic Delite.

So next time you step out to buy vinegar, apple cider, look at the label on the bottle and then decide.

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