health benefits and beauty of auspicious neem and jaggery

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health benefits and beauty of auspicious neem and jaggery ; neem flowers

Ugadi is March 21.

Gudi Padwa Ugadi or, as held in several Indian states, marks the beginning of spring and is considered a very auspicious time. While tying a Maharashtrians gudi and love to eat shrikhand-puri, south, people in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra celebrated as Ugadi. Distributed bevu-bella (neem and jaggery) to indicate how life we ​​bring both joys and sorrows.

Neem and jaggery are very healthy by nature. Here are some of their health benefits:


Apart from its various benefits health , neem has immense benefits for your skin and hair . Whether of shins annoying shins , fine lines, dander Hair Loss – Look no further, neem can get rid all this and more.

  • Neem is known to cure various skin diseases and is a natural remedy that has been used for ages.
  • helps strengthen your immune system with its antibacterial effects.
  • is believed to cure various diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, back pain and muscle pain with medicinal properties.
  • Help control diabetes naturally .
  • helps get rid of intestinal worms, helps stop indigestion and constipation.
  • helps to overcome gastritis and hyperacidity.
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Neem is also known to help in losing belly fat fight dandruff, hair loss and itchy scalp get rid of dark elbows and lighten acne scars .


Jaggery, healthy white sugar alternative, sugar is known as a drug because it is a raw sugar without any additives. It is obtained from sugar cane juice raw, concentrated by boiling and then turn it into a block. Jaggery has a number of health benefits , it is known to increase immunity.

  • Since it is a complex carbohydrate unlike sugar, which remains in the system longer. Aids digestion and fends constipation .
  • Unlike sugar, brown sugar is very rich in minerals, mainly iron with traces of other minerals.
  • The extensions respiratory systems are effectively cleans, lungs, esophagus, stomach and intestines.
  • is less likely to cause acidity compared to sugar.
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