Read this before eating expensive imported fruits

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Read this before eating expensive imported fruits ; exotic fruits

Do you get excited seeing these exotic fruits – blueberries, dragon fruit, kiwi, passion fruit and such – lining the supermarket shelves and put them in your shopping pure emotion? Well OK! All we do in the name of healthy living and clean eating. Here are 10 ways to change your eating habits and prevent cancer.

But what he really thinks that they are benefiting from these exotic treats? Yes, you are, but not as much as you think. “While there is no harm in eating these exotic fruits, but also need to eat local products with the same enthusiasm. Our body needs vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are available in our local products more than what we get from fruits and exotic vegetables, “says Bhavi Mody, Vrudhi homeopathy and wellness center. Here are six exotic fruits obtained in the markets of India.

“Nature provides us with food necessary to strengthen our immunity, depending on several factors – weather conditions, nutrients needed to combat viruses and bacteria in the environment and race and needs of a particular culture. Our bodies do not register antioxidants and vitamins that we consume with the most exotic products, however, we can still gain some benefits when eaten regularly, “says Mody. Here are 11 heart healthy drinks to be delivered often.

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Therefore, in case you stop eating altogether?

No, if you can afford it and enjoy its taste, you can still eat. “If we enjoy a constant supply of these produced for decades our third generation will be those who benefit from these exotic fruits and vegetables to make sure. Is it because by then our bodies will be more tolerant of antioxidants that come from these exotic products’ says Mody.

what to do

  • If you like having exotic fruits have a portion of it and two servings of fruit in the region to create a better balance of nutrient intake.
  • Do not exotic fruits their only source of intake of fruits, the same rule applies to vehicles as well.
  • Make exotic fruits and vegetables your indulgence, not preference daily food
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