A new handheld device to diagnose the disease in 20 minutes flat!

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technology company based in Britain has claimed to have developed a DNA analyzer hand-sized smart phone infectious diseases can be diagnosed as tuberculosis (TB) in planes 15-20 minutes. Running on a battery with solar power, the handheld low cost called “Q-Poc ‘can analyze biological samples submitted through a cartridge small size, The Guardian reported. Swabs can be used to detect sexually transmitted infections (iTS), while the sputum is used to detect tuberculosis, its creators said.

“we are now at the point where we have a working prototype that can test highly sensitive tuberculosis through a sample results in 15-20 minutes, Jonathan O’Halloran, co-founder of the company, was quoted as saying. According to its developers, “Q-Poc ‘DNA analyzes instead pathogenic protein within the sample. The device uses microfluidics technology that allows fluids to pass through various microscopic channels.

A chemical process then the sample breaks in a molecular soup. It is then sent through a filter system based on nanoscale insulating DNA for analysis. The company plans to launch the product for use by health professionals as early as 2018. The device will initially be used to detect tuberculosis. It has built-in smartlphone technology, allowing the results to be shared in real time.

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“It sounds simple, but it is absolutely innovative,” said O’Halloran. clinical trials of the device in South Africa are planned later this year.

Source: IANS

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