Cravings – what are your snacks say about you and how to fix

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Cravings – what are your snacks say about you and how to fix ; Food craving

Do you have an intense desire to consume chocolate or those silky potatoes salty French? Or do you want your meat taste bud or something spicy? You can take comfort in the fact that you are not the only consumed by the intense cravings. Almost everyone has cravings! And there are some errors that can make the most intense and frequent cravings. It is normal to have craving during pregnancy and experienced cravings can range from none at all, to normal, to downright bizarre .

But you will be surprised to know that your craving for a specific food could indicate a specific need in the body! It could even correspond to a certain mood. Your brain linked to emotional state your eating habits.

Decoding your cravings

1. Sweets – chocolate, ice cream, etc.

Which it means:

craving for sugar is often a sign that your blood sugar levels in the blood are not balanced and there is no need more energy. It also indicates the underlying psychological problems such as mood swings or blue pregnancy. When you are hungry or under emotional stress sauces serotonin levels and your body craves something sweet and starch. When demand and levels of blood sugar rises fulfilled the pancreas secretes large amounts of insulin and sends the body into a vicious circle.

Skipping the first meal of the day increases food cravings. According to an investigation people experience a dramatic decrease in cravings for sweet foods when they eat breakfast . If you are experiencing regular intense cravings for sweets, but it could also be a sign that you have low levels of chromium in your diet. Chromium helps to improve insulin sensitivity and increases free brain levels of serotonin, norepinephrine and melatonin.

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How to fix:

Eat little and often. Have smaller snacks throughout the day. Opt for foods such as oatmeal, brown rice, nuts, legumes, etc., that energy is released slowly throughout the day and not lead to energy spikes and crashes of low GI (glycemic index). (Read: 10 ways to overcome sugar cravings )

2. Salt – chips, samosas, panipuri, etc.

Which means:

This could indicate a lack of sodium and essential fluids. Sodium is a mineral that helps retain water. During pregnancy, the large amount of progesterone in the body during the first quarter could lead to loss of sodium through urine. Sal desire could also mean chronic stress. Excess Stress increases cortisol, resulting in decreasing the hormone aldosterone which regulates the balance of salt and water in the body. sodium depletion induced by drugs such as loop diuretics, furosemide, etc., it also increases the preference for salty foods and also induces acute anxiety for salty foods. Sal desire could mean that you can be in a bad mood, anxiety or stress out!

How to fix:

Make sure your salt intake is within the required limit of 2.5 mg per day. Manage your stress with breathing exercises, meditation, etc.

3. Spicy foods – pickles, etc.

What it says:

Pregnant women suffering from morning sickness or nausea crave acidic and spicy foods. This helps relieve nausea. Hormonal changes also make them want to try different things. This desire could also mean that your thyroid, responsible for the metabolism, is to be lethargic. Humorless? His craving for spicy food could mean that you might want a little excitement.

How to fix:

Capsaicin is found in spicy foods can help boost metabolism. Be experimental with your meal along with seasonings and spices. Use different spices in moderation. A small piece of spicy pickle with your meals should not disturb your system much. However do not go overboard, because it can cause heartburn and acidity. Eat spicy food releases endorphins, which can help lift your mood.

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4. Junk food

What it says:

You’re probably suffering from a condition called “stress eating” or “emotional eating” if you find yourself falling into the food when stressed. Stress can lead to binge eating, overeating and ultimately a lifestyle unhealthy. cortisol hormone that is released in response to stress not only increases the appetite but also induces cravings for foods high in fat and sugar, and salty foods. And when their dopamine reserves are low, you will end up craving for fatty foods.

How to fix:

Eating breakfast, especially foods rich in protein, increases levels of a brain chemical associated with feelings of reward, which can reduce cravings salted – food – or high fat content. He Has You could not stop the junk food cravings even after trying everything? A new study says junk food cravings are inherited his mother. The study states that the intensity of cravings for junk food depends largely on the mother’s diet during late pregnancy. It also showed that eating a healthy diet during adolescence could reverse cravings for junk food in men but not in women.

5. vegetarian food – meat, fish, eggs

What it says:

more protein, calcium and is required omega-3 fatty acids . In the stretch of red meat could also indicate iron deficiency or lack of zinc.

How to fix:

include more protein in their diet. Eat more grilled chicken, fish and boiled egg. Having more pulses, tofu and soy if you are vegetarian. Go overboard with chicken tikka rolls, lamb keema and egg bhurji could lead to weight gain and heartburn.

6. Ice cubes

What it says:

The sensation of sucking ice cubes, could probably mean dehydration, fluid loss or body heat.

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How to fix:

Drink plenty of water. Sucking ice cubes is not harmful. Two small ice during a sunny afternoon is not a bad indulgence. But beware of getting a sore throat.

7. Non-food items – etc. Chalk, gasoline, paint,

What it says:

Craving things like chalk, gasoline and paint may indicate a condition called Pica. Some experts believe that could mean a mineral deficiency. Often the mineral deficient in the individual is present in the desired substance by him / her. A more compelling explanation is that it is a sign of an emotional problem such as stress or obsessive-compulsive disorder .

How to fix:

compensate for the deficiency of minerals, although changes in diet and supplements. Eating non-food items is not normal. Get help soon.

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