How long is normal not poop? This is what you need to know about chronic constipation

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How long is normal not poop? This is what you need to know about chronic constipation ; shutterstock_400884238

For most people, your day starts with poop before going about their daily routine. Then there are others who have to evacuate their bowels at least twice a day and also another group of people who poop only once or twice a week. So the main question is when defecating, what is the ideal frequency – every week or even on a daily basis? The answer is, there is no such thing as the correct frequency of caca says Dr. Tariq Patel, gastroenterologist at Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai . These are the doubts about POOPING you were too embarrassed to ask .

Pooping habits vary from person to person

You do not have to start to panic if you have one bowel movement all day and there is nothing unusual about poop twice or even three times a day. ‘Most Indians poop at least once a day and for some, they have to go to the bathroom three times a day. A small number of people caca every other day or even once a less week. You can not put a limit or a specific number for this bodily function, “says Dr. Patel.

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The gastroenterologist has observed that that poop only once or twice a week, usually living away from home, either in a hostel or other accommodation. “However, if you wait for more than a week poop does, you need to know that the longer your stool stays in the colon, more dehydrated becomes what means the stern becomes more difficult, which makes it harder to pass stool, “says Dr. Patel.

colon obstruction and what causes

This could cause an obstruction of the colon as the colon tends to dehydrate feces constantly and if you go for more than a week to poop, could become a medical complication. Dr. Patel says in cases where the patients have not spent a single bowel movement for too long, it has to be removed manually or running water must be used by your doctor to break hard stools and relieve the obstruction of the colon.

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As gross as it sounds, it is quite common for gastroenterologists to deal with patients suffering from colon obstruction due to hardened or feces very chronic constipation . “This is more common among patients bedridden. Since they are always lying, the anal canal and rectum are not aligned, which makes it difficult to pass stool, ‘he says. These are the causes constipation did not know.

your bowel movements not only depend on your diet, but also the position in which you sit in while poop. Gastroenterologists say that the ideal position is squatting or while using a bath of India as the muscles are in an easy angle and relaxed enough for anal canal and rectum to become a straight line. This makes it easy for you to pass stool . Try these home remedies for constipation that really work.

chronic constipation can be confused by diarrhea or what is known as ‘the fictional diarrhea’

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Another very interesting fact to go without a bowel movement for several days or even weeks is that the symptoms may present as diarrhea . “The irony is that most patients with constipation are complaining about the doctor saying they have diarrhea. However, in reality are simply chronic constipation. This is because when the hardened feces cause blockage in the colon, there is a certain amount of liquid stools that pass through them, “says Dr. Patel.

This can be mistaken as diarrhea and chronic constipation if the patient is not diagnosed, end up taking medicine for diarrhea, which only aggravates their condition. “This condition is called fictitious diarrhea and is fairly common among young people,” says Dr. Patel. So next time you have not had a normal bowel movement for more than a week or 10 days, consult a gastroenterologist to relieve yourself in the right way!

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