Less use the remote control while watching TV can help fight obesity

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New Delhi, 19 Jan (IANS) Taking the elevator from the first floor instead of the ground floor, the use of land phones at home instead of moving, and trying to use less than the distance control while watching TV were some of the ways to fight obesity, according to the Indian medical Association (IMA). The IMA also suggested car parking a few minutes away from the destination, exercising while watching television and making it a point to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. (Read: Deaths due to lack of exercise twice more than those caused by obesity )

‘twice premature deaths may be attributable to the lack of physical activity compared to the number of deaths attributable to obesity, “said IMA said in a statement. ‘ inactivity is defined as having a sedentary job, no leisure-time physical activity reported,” IMA national president a . Marthanda Pillai and secretary general of KK Aggarwal were quoted by the newspaper (read:.? I am extremely obese and can not run How can I lose weight (Fitness consultation) ).

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according to the recommendation of the IMA, just a little exercise, such as 20 minutes of walking a day, was very beneficial, regardless of whether people were overweight or obese or not. a recent study published online January 14 in the American journal of Clinical Nutrition also said that only a small amount of physical activity each day can have substantial benefits for the health of people who were physically inactive. ‘ Although it was found that only 20 minutes would make a difference, you really should be looking to do more than this. Physical activity has many health benefits and should be an important part of our daily life, “said the experts. (Read 😕 Suffering from BP and obesity Take control of your eczema )

Source: IANS

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