motivational text messages help patients with rheumatoid arthritis cope better

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A combination of text and individual counseling sessions help motivate patients rheumatoid arthritis (RA) , resulting in better clinical outcomes reported by patients, according to study. “The results support the introduction of behavioral approaches as an effective means to improve the health of patients with rheumatoid arthritis may also be applicable in other populations with chronic diseases and limited mobility,” said Tanja Thomsen from the center of Copenhagen for the arthritis research in Denmark. According to the researchers, patients with RA tend to be more sedentary than the general population that can have serious health consequences, including increased risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death. (Read: 6 herbal remedies effective for rheumatoid arthritis )

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In the study, 75 adult RA patients underwent an intervention of 16 weeks included three sessions of individual motivational counseling a message of professionals and regular health text aimed at improving motivation to reduce daily time sitting and replacing physical activity light intensity. A control group of 75 healthy adult patients matched for other characteristics to maintain their usual lifestyle group was encouraged. time sitting every day was recorded using an activity monitor dress. The researchers found that after 16 weeks, a significant difference between the groups was observed in half hour of being in favor of the intervention group. Secondary outcomes also favored the intervention group included scores of self-assessment of pain, fatigue , physical function and blood measurements of total cholesterol . The study was recently presented at the European League Against Rheumatism Annual Congress 2016 in London. (Read: suffering from rheumatoid arthritis Drinking green tea !)

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