People can inherit the bad intestinal bacteria ”: study reveals

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New York, December 17: a study has found that people can inherit some intestinal bacteria that cause Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, collectively known as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). He also confirmed that antibiotics could worsen the imbalance in intestinal bacteria. ‘People develop intestinal bacteria or’ gut microbiome ‘at a very young age and can have a big impact on your health for the rest of life, “said lead study author Dan Knights, assistant professor at the University of Minnesota . “we have found groups of genes that may play a role in shaping the development of imbalanced gut microbes,” said the researchers examined three independent cohorts of a total of 474 adults with IBD (Read:.. How good intestinal bacteria respond to infection )

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doctors and nurses in those places collected DNA samples from each human subject and the DNA of their intestinal bacteria for about a period of two years. the researchers studied . thousands of species of microbes and human genes the results showed that DNA human subjects was linked to bacteria in their intestines (Read: Revealed – exercise helps the growth of intestinal bacteria )


Patients with IBD had lower biological diversity of bacteria and bacterial “opportunists”. Previous studies have shown links between bacteria in the human gut and increased risk of a wide variety of diseases, including diabetes, autism, heart disease and even some forms of cancer. “This is an important step in the development of drug treatments that target certain genes or certain products derived from intestinal bacteria step,” the authors noted. The study was published in the journal Genome Medicine . (Read: You eat what their gut bacteria want )

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