Scientists find new biomarkers that offer hope for effective tuberculosis vaccine

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A team of scientists led by the University of Oxford has made a discovery that may improve the chances of developing an effective vaccine tuberculosis (TB) . The researchers identified new biomarkers for tuberculosis have shown for the first time why the immunity of BCG vaccine widely used is so variable. Biomarkers also provide valuable clues to assess whether the new potential vaccines could be effective, the team said. TB remains a major killer diseases in the world. The only BCG vaccine available works well (about 50 percent effective) to prevent serious illness in children, but it is very variable (0 percent to 80 percent effective) in adults. With an urgent need for a vaccine against tuberculosis that is more effective than BCG, the Oxford team working with colleagues from the University of Cape Town and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine set out to identify immune correlates that could facilitate the development of vaccines against tuberculosis. (Read: 7 Signs and symptoms of tuberculosis should not ignore )

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The team, led by Professor Helen McShane and Dr. Helen Fletcher, studied the immune response in infants in South Africa they are participating in a vaccine trial against tuberculosis. The team conducted 22 tests for possible factors. “These are useful results. They show that antigen-specific T cells are important in protecting against tuberculosis, but activated T cells increase the risk,” says Oxford professor McShane in an article that appeared in the journal Nature Communications. (Read: 5 Ways to prevent tuberculosis )

“For the first time we have some evidence of how it could work with BCG and which could block its operation. Although there is still much work to be done, these findings may bring us one step closer to developing a more effective TB vaccine, “said Dr. Fletcher of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The team is working to develop . a vaccine for effective tuberculosis designed to protect more people from disease here is a detailed information on diagnostic tests common for tuberculosis

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