Solutions based on research in the control of snuff – Third National Conference

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Mumbai, December 15, 2014 Third National Conference on Snuff or Health (NCTOH) was organized by the Salaam Bombay Foundation in collaboration with the WHO (World Health Organization), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Action Council against snuff, Healis -. Sekhsaria Institute of Public Health and the Tata Memorial


The two-day long event’s 500 participants took place on 15 ap and 16 ap December 2014 and 25 speakers from India and abroad came under one roof in Mumbai to share their experiences and ideas at work fighting snuff.

Letter Claims

  • Ban flavor / processing of chewing snuff / packaged across India
  • raise taxes on all forms of snuff to reduce consumption.
  • Accelerating the bill proposed amendment COTPA.
  • Ban E cigarettes as recommended by the expert committee

This conference included discussions on issues such as the effectiveness of pharmacotherapy and behavioral interventions for smoking cessation, initiatives control of snuff and innovations, consumption of snuff in youth and women, snuff smokeless and public health from a global perspective, building evidence to integrate services to quit smoking within care systems health and workplaces in India, different threats in electronic cigarettes and betel nut, effective use of the media to control snuff in India, ten of COTPA (cigarettes and snuff Law Another product) with its success and challenges faced. (Read: How to identify and overcome the triggers of smoking )

There was also discussion on judicial innovations to expand the impact of COTPA, preventing youth access to snuff, learning success stories in the states of India, state of implementation and challenges in COTPA and NPTC (Control Program National snuff), based on the survey population and the prevalence of snuff, challenges in the control of snuff in India and multisectoral action in the control of snuff in India.

One of the key highlights of the conference this year is the release of the Global Report snuff smokeless, compiled by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Disease) and the National Institute cancer (National cancer Institute, USA). Devika Chaddha, vice president of Operations Salam Bombay Foundation, said ‘This conference brought together eminent speakers to share their experiences in the fight against snuff in India. This has made us understand the solutions to problems that arise in the implementation of government policies. This is a step in the direction of our goal to save young people from falling into this dangerous “habit (Read:. free world snuff – imagine a world without cancer, heart disease and unwanted deaths )

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PC Gupta, President, NCTOH said “we have always benefited from the conferences of this nature. They give us the opportunity to interact with dignitaries through various verticals converge towards a target consumption control of snuff in India “

the Conference resolves to address the following:.

  • Facilitate exchange of knowledge between researchers, practitioners and policy specialists who have an interest in controlling snuff.
  • provide opportunities for the health community for networking and collaboration with other local, state control and snuff national objectives.
  • involve people of the interiors of India who otherwise can not become a part of the major international conferences.
  • strengthen the capacity of people to take control of snuff to cities and smaller towns.

Speakers at the conference included a number of experts as Parishi Majumdar, Rana J Singh, Pushkar Singh, Nyo Nyo Kyaing, Sharmila shin, Deepak Mishra, Mira Aghi, Gauravi Mishra, Mangesh Pednekar, Samira Asma Mark Parascandala, Shubhangi Parkar, Leni Chaudhari, Rati Godrej, Surendra Shastri, Vaishakhi Malik, Amal Pushp, Prakash Gupta, Vandana Shah, Justice Mukul Mudgal, Dhirendra Sinha, KR Thankappan, Rana J Singh, Jaspreet Kaur, AV Rinkoo, Surendra Shastri , Pranay Lal, Ram Barot, Bobby Ramakant, Arzoo Datta, Sharmila shin, Surabhi Shastri, Ashima Sarin, Pankaj Chaturvedi, KC Samira, Vineet Munish Gill, Purvish Parikh.

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As part of the opening ceremony, welcoming speech was given by A K D’Cruz, Director of Tata Memorial Hospital. Prakash Gupta, Director, Healis introduced the subject and Nata Menabe, WHO representative in India felicitated winners of the World No Snuff Day WHO. On the opening day, detailed presentations were held on various subjects in the control of snuff. Parishi Majumdar gave a presentation on the effectiveness of pharmacotherapy and behavioral interventions. Nyo Nyo Kyaing while highlighted the initiatives and innovations in control of snuff, Mira Aghi prepared on snuff consumption among young people and women. (Read: Addiction, the main reason why quitting is difficult )

The second day opened with presentations by Vandana Shah in judicial innovations to expand the impact of COTPA . While Dhirendra Sinha was throwing some light on preventing youth access to snuff, Bobby Ramakant elaborated on the implementation and challenges in COTPA and NTCP. Open discussion forum on the challenges in the control of snuff in India was moderated by Pankaj Chaturvedi and conference closed with words of Pankaj Chaturvedi, Chairman of the Scientific Committee 3 rd NCTOH.

The main studies presented and appreciated on day 1 cases were:

effectiveness of pharmacological and behavioral treatment interventions for cessation of snuff in the actual clinical practice

  • harm Reduction does not damage replacement – Dispelling myths about NRT and effectiveness of the cessation of snuff in different contexts E Vidhubala

snuff smokeless and public health: a global perspective

  • a global perspective on snuff smokeless – Mark Parascandola (National Cancer Institute, USA)
  • smokeless snuff: seeing from the Regional lens Southeast Asia – Dhirendra Sinha (WHO – SEARO)
  • snuff smokeless: the context of India and Strategies Public Policy – Prakash Gupta (Healis)

Group – an interactive dialogue moderated by Samira Asma (Centers for Disease Control, USA)

  • MoHFW
  • representative

  • Vineet Munish Gill, WHO
  • Nandita Murukutla, World Lung Foundation
  • Pankaj Chaturvedi, Tata Memorial Hospital
  • Vandana Shah, Campaign for Free of Snuff Children
  • Dhirendra Sinha, WHO – SEARO
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the use of snuff: young men and women

  • the prevalence of snuff in school going teenage children marginal neighborhoods – Dhananjay Kumar Singh
  • Study to assess the impact of ads anti snuff in film – Oswal Kunal

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