This is why massage oils or ointments Never work on joint pain!

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This is why massage oils or ointments Never work on joint pain! ; D&C-joint pains-massages-THS

Joint pain is very common these days, given our sedentary lifestyle and lack of enthusiasm to be fit. And no, it is not only the condition of the old and sick. It is not surprising in the present day and age to see a suffering 30 years old, joint pains and seek a quick solution for it. This urge to get fast and instant relief makes fall prey to any of the charlatans or oils over-the-counter ointment and promise them relief. However, these oils and ointments to no good and the condition can get worse in a couple of years that lead to early arthritis .

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Why oils and ointments will not provide relief for joint pain?

This is a question most often ask when they can not get any results after repeated use. The reason is simple as explains Dr. Pradeep Moonot, orthopedic surgeon specializing in knee, foot and ankle , ‘A massage is associated more with the skin and joints not. Massage actually have no effect on the joints of anyone. However, this does not mean that massages are not useful at all. In fact, if you have muscle spasms, pain or notch a will properly massage for expert can certainly give you some relief. This is why the traditional massages, such as Thai massage have been around for years. Oils and ointments used can go deep into the skin to give relief, but can not reverse joint pains. “Joint pain, if they are the first symptoms of arthritis will be due to wear and tear of the joints that degrade cartilage and reduces lubrication time.

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” Continuous massage oil can not repair joints, lubrication or production of new cartilage and tissues so it does not help in the treatment of joint pain effectively. Instead, sometimes, massage may make the pain worse. So it is better to go to your doctor and get evaluated pain before it is too late, “says Dr. Moonot

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