This vitamin can increase immunity against HIV

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Falling immunity levels are a primary concern for anyone who suffers HIV. While foods and supplements are very beneficial immunity, scientists have now discovered that a cheap and efficient method of enhancing immunity in HIV patients is a high-dose supplements of vitamin D.

The edition line Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says that vitamin supplements can not only reverse S deficiency but also stimulate the immune response. Places where adequate resources are not available, vitamin D can be a simple and cost-effective support. Read: Major dietary sources of vitamin D

The researchers examined two ethnic groups in Cape Town in South Africa to see if high doses of vitamin D supplements improve deficiencies and the ability of the cell to repel HIV-1 . ‘Cape Town has a B ultraviolet regime season and one of the highest rates of HIV-1 in the world, peaking in young adults, so it is a suitable place for a longitudinal study like this, ” said lead researcher Nina Jablonski, professor at Pennsylvania State University, US ..

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the researchers found that both groups showed vitamin D deficiency during the winter, with women of both groups being poorer on average than men. because of the impact of vitamin D s in the immune system, the researchers gave six weeks of supplemental vitamin D3 to 30 of the Xhosa participants, prompting 77 percent of participants in a optimal vitamin D status

Jablonski and his team determined that diet, genetics and other variables played small roles in vitamin D status, although some genetic variations did influence the success of supplementation. To test how the state of vitamin D affects the immune system and HIV-1, in particular, the researchers exposed blood samples taken during the summer and winter when participants were vitamin D sufficient or deficient. They found that after nine days, blood samples were more winter to summer taken into infection.

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After six weeks of supplementation of vitamin D levels in blood samples of HIV-1 were the same as those during the summer. ‘O high doses of oral vitamin D3 supplementation attenuated HIV-1 replication, increased white blood cells circulating and reversed anemia associated with winter. “

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