Use castor oil for constipation relief

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Use castor oil for constipation relief ; castor oil

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If you have been suffering from constipation and just have not found anything that works to relieve the uncomfortable feeling, this article is for you. sans side effects and natural castor oil as a purgative is much better than a laxative chemistry. you may be interested also read about some more natural remedies to treat constipation.

Why does

According to Dr. HK Bakhru, castor oil is a simple purgative, harmless that can be used without any type of rigid rules regarding their use. Castor oil works by activating peristalsis, or wavelike motion of your intestinal walls to push along the digested food. This helps get rid of waste in the stomach and acts as a natural laxative. This not only helps clean the oil from your stomach and relieve constipation, but also helps to improve digestion.

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How to use castor oil as a laxative

takes about 30 to 60 grams of castor oil and add it to a glass of warm milk. You can also use warm water if you do not like milk. You will note that the castor oil concoction takes effect after an hour. If the smell is too much for you or makes you feel nauseous, add some ginger to the water as it is heated. This will help reduce the accumulation of mucus in the stomach and promote a healthy appetite.


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