Use religion to help eradicate gutka?

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Use religion to help eradicate gutka? ;

A spiritual group is here seeking a ban on ‘gutka’ or chewing snuff, saying it is primarily responsible the increasing incidence of oral cancer. Gujarat unit Gayatri Pariwar intends to submit a memorandum signed by millions both President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding a ban on the production of gutka. India needs to be made ‘free gutka “said Gayatri Pariwar activist Kirit Soni, who heads the group’ Gutka free India ‘.’ Act prevents the sale of gutka in 26 states, but there is no ban on production,” he said . “As a result, sold illegally in many places, and young people consume ‘(Read 😕 Prohibition of gutka, pan masala, khaini, Supari – can finally say goodbye ).

hazards gutka, khaini and other forms of smokeless snuff

Sold as mouth fresheners or something similar, these products use menthol, perfumes, spices, sugar, etc., to mask the bitter taste of snuff and other carcinogenic substances and get young people hooked. The truth is that snuff remains the most dangerous in the world in the 21st century consumer product that kills half of its customers (and see many of them every day, those who have been disfigured by the most horrible forms of oral cancer and mouth) and its very existence is a curse to mankind.

In India, the snuff causes 45% of all cancer deaths and 20% of all deaths. People find it impossible to quit smoking due to the addictive nature of nicotine chemistry – so addictive that WHO considers that snuff addiction a disease that afflicts one in three sadly Indian. Along with snuff, gutka and pan masala contains other content of harmful metals such as – lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, copper and nickel. Areca nut or betel -. One of the main ingredients of these products is a confirmed carcinogen by the WHO and a cause of serious diseases

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