What causes coughing according to META-Health and why you should take seriously!

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What causes coughing according to META-Health and why you should take seriously! ; D&C-cough-Meta health-THS

A cough can be very disturbing and sometimes you might even stop responding to common medicines sold without prescription. While conventional medicine has its own way to treat the symptoms of cough, META-Health tries to reach the depth of the problem and present a solution.

What is meta-Health

Meta-Medicine is an integrated approach to good health and wellness approach. It provides an insight into the role of biological triggers, psychological, physiological, spiritual, emotional and environmental factors leading to a disease or health condition. Not only the biological causes of shock and how that affects an organ, the brain and heart at the same time are explained. But also how you can recognize and ensures that pro-active in a way that allows one to heal completely and permanently.

According to META-Health, diseases that affect us when a stressful event that causes an emotional shock trauma our body on three levels at the same time they are – mind or psyche, our brain (in a special layer ), and in our body (in a specific organ). When a specific shock occurs, changes in our body and brain chemical level is created, and our behavior is altered. This emotional trauma manifests itself in the form of concentric rings on an MRI for all patients and each disease. The area where these rings shown is specific brain areas where the disease is controlled.

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Causes of cough according to META-Health

Coughing is a natural reflex that helps the body to protect our lungs, cleaning the airways of lung irritants, such as smoke and mucus. In other words, it is a process of expelling air from the lungs that causes a sudden sharp sound. Cough is a symptom of several health problems and not a medical condition itself. There are several types of cough, and causes of each type are associated with a different layer of the brain. Here are some things you need to know about cough

cough and the common cold: Cough due to common cold is an impact of emotional conflict in the cortex and nasal mucosa. This conflict is connected with a sense of smell; in which the person can perceive any situation or person as an intruder or an opponent that causes an emotional disorder.

Cough and bronchitis This type of cough indicates a threat to the territory on an emotional level. For a man, his car, his girlfriend, his wife and his home can be your territory for a woman to her husband, her children and her home may be your territory. Emotional impact of conflict is always connected with the cerebral cortex and bronchial mucosa. A dry cough, in fact, is a sign of spasm in the bronchial muscles and is connected with the fear of loss of territory, fear of separation and fear of not being able to escape or attack.

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Cough and laryngitis Due cough laryngitis, manifested in the mucosa larynx and the cortex of the brain due to a conflict. This conflict happens when something in your life is being forced down on you and you can not get through it.

Coughs and tonsillitis: Cough due to tonsillitis is connected to the brainstem and the endoderm layer. Tonsillitis makes it difficult for one to swallow or digest food. This is also related to the desire not to experience something new or resist a change in the emotional level.

Cough and tuberculosis This type of cough is a deeply rooted connection with the death – fright conflict which always occurs in the brainstem and lungs . Most of the diagnosis of cancer is related to this conflict.

Pertussis :. It is connected with the conflict protection concern and is associated with the layer of tissue beneath the layer of mucus in the bronchi

How META-Health cure

as soon as the conflict impacts the brain and the brain registers the conflict shock then it communicates instantly to the relevant body that triggers a response from the disease. The brain is a mediator between the psyche and body. The brain is the control center where every action is controlled and coordinated. So brain, psyche and the organ always work together as a unit. Above we have seen various types of cough and conflicts. This makes us aware that cough is a common symptom associated with many diseases, but the part of the brain and organ and tissue having effects will be different due to the different conflicts. META-Health tries to reach this deeper level and treat superficial symptom (in this case cough) to give better relief and autonomy of their physical, emotional and mental health.

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Anu Mehta is the only head coach of a diagnostic tool called META-Health, and a coach in information technology called NES-health and Advanced Energy Compensation in India today. She also trains people in various techniques release of emotion. She helps in healing people by identifying stress, which causes a physical illness or psychological illness. According to her disease is an adaptation that the body is subjected to help the person to cope with and adapt to the stressful environment. www.metahealthindia.com

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