World Asthma Day-Study says asthma disturbances are increasing

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3rd May is the Day Asthma

Asthma sways the lives of approximately 300 million people worldwide. 1 in 12 people worldwide suffer from asthma. Asthma attacks cause 250,000 deaths each year. The allergens are known to trigger an asthma attack in a person can vary from person to person, but usually are dust, mites, pollen, animal dander and certain foods such as nuts, artificial color, etc. Exposure to these allergens can cause wheezing, difficulty breathing, coughing, chest tightness and sometimes even death. (Read: World Asthma Day-India has 30 million asthma patients, 10% of the global burden )

Homeopathy is fantastic for asthma. Not only can effectively relieve symptoms during an acute attack, it is known that this predisposition to relieve completely, unlike conventional medicine. Homeopathic medicines ensure that the body’s defense mechanism works at its optimum and does not enter an overdrive whenever you are exposed to dust or pollen. The raison d’etre of homeopathy is not only for the treatment of symptoms or pathology. Is going to the fundamental basis – the immune system, and increase the level of positive response. Homeopaths treat people with remedies that suit them and their specific needs. This medicine known as the “constitutional remedy” between homeopaths is carefully selected taking into account not only present the patient’s complaints and symptoms, but also their mental attributes, emotional situation and lifestyle. (Read: World Asthma Day- 4 out of 5 doctors say that environmental pollution is the main cause of asthma )

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More than 100 medicines command prominence in the homeopathic treatment for asthma and prevention. Homeopathic treatment for asthma regulates the overactive immune system and triggers a response of self-healing. Treatment is natural does not cause any side effects for the patient and is completely safe. Recent studies show that about one third of fatal asthma attacks occur in children. The sooner homeopathic treatment for bronchial asthma started, faster and more effectively develop the immune system of your child. This will allow the child to fight asthma harder and also prevent recurrent attacks. (Read: World Asthma Day-experts say air pollution is an asthma trigger factor )

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Dr. Jawahar Shah, a well-known homeopath and founder and director of healing welcome, it has treated more than 10,000 cases of acute respiratory illness in his 40 years of practice and is also the author of a book on homeopathic management of respiratory disease. It also specializes in the treatment of several other serious illnesses. Examples include, Ms. A. D. was suffering from an acute respiratory disease for 8 years. no relief was found with any conventional system of medicine. Exasperated, she approached Dr. Shah and was pleasantly surprised by how fast and effective homeopathy can be. Now he is sent to all your friends and family to Dr. Shah for treatment. C. S. found great relief in their symptoms after starting treatment in curing welcome. It looks exceptionally happy as he shares, “My attacks have been significantly reduced and homeopathy has helped me navigate through so acute attacks.”

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