World Malaria Day-32% doctors believe unhygienic living conditions lead to increase in number of deaths from malaria

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malaria has been a problem in India for centuries. According to 2014 WHO report, there were 1.6 million confirmed malaria cases in India and 400-1000 deaths annually. The concern is that from 2013-2014 the number of deaths due to malaria has increased from 400 to 600. The greatest burden of malaria in India is carried out by the most backward, poor and remote parts of the country, > 90 95% of cases reported in rural areas and <5-10% in urban areas; however, the low incidence of malaria in urban areas may be due to almost nonexistent surveillance.

Almost on the verge of World Malaria Day 2016, April 25 larger community of physicians Curofy- India conducted a survey asking doctor it is what they think is mainly responsible for malaria-related deaths in India’s lack of knowledge, lack of health services in rural India, incomplete treatment or unhygienic living conditions. 1300 out of doctors who participated in the survey 32% said the increase in deaths from malaria is due to unhygienic living conditions . Malaria is a vector-borne disease that proliferates in dirty places with standing water. With the system of open sewage and waste disposal nonexistent in our country, the spread of disease due to dirt is amazing. Read about 6 easy ways to prevent malaria

‘is not much that government can do, “said Dr. PK Jha, Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine, Medanta. ‘ People need to take care of themselves as well as keeping their surroundings clean. Auto-prevention is the best way to combat malaria. the use of long-sleeved clothing, using mosquito nets and repellents in high seasons are the little things that keep in check the spread of malaria. “

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23% of physicians he says the deaths are due to lack of health care in remote pockets of civilization. In a country where there is only one doctor for 1,700 people, doctors have adequate demand in a city near all amenities. But there are very few doctors practicing in rural areas where it is really needed. This has created a shortage of health services in remote areas. India’s population is largely unaware of the spread of malaria and ways to combat it. 26% of physicians supported this by saying that the cause of these deaths is the lack of awareness.

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Commenting on this Dr. Shailesh Sahay, Senior Consultant of Internal Medicine, said Max Gurgaon , ‘Most people know that malaria is caused due to mosquitoes, but do not know how it is presented. If patients are living in an endemic area or has been in an endemic area and fever contracts he / she should contact the nearest within 24 hours doctor. Late detection leads to complications that can affect vital organs. “Only 18% think that incomplete treatment leading to drug resistance is the culprit behind the deaths related to malaria in India. The government has come up with many plans, including Swacchta Bharat Abhiyan and an active program to stop open defecation Over time we will know how successful and effective they have been read.. 3 reasons you are a mosquito

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Mudit Vijayvergiya said co-founder Curofy. “the results of the survey, along with the statistics show that we have to work in many areas as a society to make India free from malaria. from spreading awareness among the masses for the provision of health services in deep dredges of society, we have a long way to go. “

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