10 facts about tuberculosis (TB) to know

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10 facts about tuberculosis (TB) to know ; Tuberculosis

24 March is World The tuberculosis (TB) Day

tuberculosis is an extremely dangerous disease that infects two patients every three minutes in India. The situation worsens in a city like Mumbai, where there are a number of people living in a confined space, which when combined with poor hygiene makes it a perfect breeding ground for TB bacteria. Therefore, in order to help keep you safe from the disease, here are 10 of the most important things you should know about tuberculosis.

Fact # 1 :. Most of us have latent TB foci within our lungs

we are all exposed to Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) early in life and we have formed foci of infection in the lungs (primary TB). Our immune system would have contained the infection and prevented us from suffering from the disease. It is when our immune system is weakened for some reason or feel overwhelmed by infection or any other cause, we suffer the disease, a process known as reactivation. Organisms can travel from the foci of infection in the lungs to other sites that lead to secondary infection (TB of the lymph nodes, spine, etc). They also read about 10 reasons why doctors think that TB burden is increasing.

Fact # 2 :. By maintaining good health and immunity, you can avoid becoming infected with tuberculosis

Nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, exercise and live a life with minimal stress go a long way to help the system immune to fight any infection including tuberculosis. To deal with it, improve immunity by including a diet rich in antioxidants with at least 4-5 servings of fresh vegetables and fruits every day. If you can not have due to the practical limitations, be sure to take your daily dose of antioxidants / multivitamins after consulting your doctor. Antioxidants help fight free radicals produced in the body due to any kind of illness / stress and helps in cell repair. Here’s more information about the role of nutrition and prevention of tuberculosis .

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Fact # 3 :. Fresh air and sunlight can help prevent tuberculosis

Microbes in TB can live in cold, damp places. Whether you are at home or in the office, remember to open all windows for a major part of the day to allow sunlight and air in order to keep the bacteria at bay.

Fact # 4 :. Tuberculosis primarily affects the lungs but can affect other organs as well

cough that lasts more than three weeks, traces of blood in the sputum (phlegm), low fever, difficulty breathing and loss unexplained weight are the most common symptoms of TB lungs. TB in other organ systems is manifested by various symptoms. For example TB skin indicates a non-healing ulcer, tuberculosis of the spine with back pain, stiffness or swelling in the back / groin part, TB bowel with bloating and constipation absolute. Even an anal fistula nonhealing could be due to tuberculosis. lymph node TB you can present with swelling in various body sites. TB cover the brain and spinal cord can cause TB meningitis , especially in children.

Fact # 5 :. BCG vaccine can not be resistant tuberculosis throughout his life

also does not help in secondary forms of tuberculosis. That said, it is still necessary to get the BCG vaccine shortly after birth to reduce the risk of infection fo. Here’s more information about tips to prevent tuberculosis (TB) .

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Fact # 6 :. Tuberculosis is a treatable disease completely

If the full course of medication is taken properly and regular follow-ups are done with your doctor, TB can be completely cured. The control program of tuberculosis in India began as RNTCP (National Program for Tuberculosis Control Revised) in 1993. The program has made significant progress over the past two decades. Having collaborated with private hospitals and medical schools in the scope of the program is 100% in India. The main support program is a quick diagnosis (sputum tests and chest X-ray), starting treatment as soon as possible and ensure patient compliance with treatment ( Directly Observed Treatment DOTS ). The primary drugs used for tuberculosis are isoniazid, rifampin, pyrazinamide, ethambutol and streptomycin. But always take these drugs under doctor supervision because their indiscriminate use can lead to Jaundice liver failure and failure kidney . The duration of treatment varies from case to case and is at least six months. Testing and treatment are available for free in all public hospitals, primary and community.

Fact # 7 :. Do not take the full course of TB drugs according to the doctor’s prescription is one of the main obstacles facing prevention programs tuberculosis

may lead to organisms developing resistance the first-line drugs used to treat MDR that causes tuberculosis (TB resistant to multiple drugs).

Fact # 8 :. Multidrug-resistant TB does not respond to standard TB drugs, is difficult and expensive to treat

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The prevalence of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is estimated at 2.3 percent of new cases and 12 to 17 percent among retreatment cases. One of the best ways to prevent it is to complete the entire course of anti-TB drugs in the doses prescribed by the doctor. Here are six strategies to overcome the challenges treatment of tuberculosis .

Fact # 9 :. One of the main causes of infertility in women, socioeconomic conditions lower is genital tuberculosis

When latent bacilli in the lungs was reactivated, often to different body parts spread including the genital tract. It can infect or uterus and / or fallopian tubes and usually shows no sign. A very complex disease for diagnosis, only the culture from a tissue sample obtained from a genital tract can help.

Fact # 10. Children, including infants may suffer from tuberculosis, but often are not diagnosed.

According to the WHO, about half a million babies and children get sick from tuberculosis each year and 70,000 die. Children under three years of age, especially those who are malnourished and with compromised immune systems are particularly prone to the disease. However, symptoms often go unnoticed causing higher mortality rates. To prevent TB in children, get them immunized with the vaccine BCG shortly after birth. family members, including their home-help, to come in close contact with children need to be examined. In addition, breastfeeding the baby for at least six months increases your immunity against all infections such as tuberculosis. Here’s all you need now vaccination .

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